Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time is Flying By

It is so very hard for me to believe that in a little over two weeks we will on our way to Alaska. Judy talked to me today about our "going away" party here in the park. You know that we always do a thing for the hosts that are leaving - well, this Sunday is our turn (we won't be here next weekend - Mom's birthday). We are going to have a cook out at Judy and Don's place - that will be a lot better than going up to the Lodge. It just seems like we got here yesterday and we are talking about leaving in just a few days.

Today we did a pretty good at the store - plus I was able to get all those stuffed animals that came in a couple of weeks ago priced and out. However, there was one little hitch in the day - we had a couple of different people come in and pay with $100.00 bills - in fact, one of the purchases was for $3.53 - and they pay with a $100 - I mean, come on!!! Well, I was able to give them change but it completely wiped me out of money. So, I had to have Dan come in and take the 2 bills down to the Lodge and have them changed for me. It all worked out okay - but it sure was a hassle!

We open the store in the morning - and then we are going to have to go get the pups their food - we didn't go today because by the time we got off work - took the deposit up to the Lodge - came home and ate lunch - it was after 4 o'clock. So, since we get off at 1:00 tomorrow we figure we'll have more time to do it then. It's not like they don't have some food to eat - they do - they just don't have any more down in the basement or in their container here in the unit (when they eat everything in their bowl and about half another bowl they will be out). We will go down to Gainesville tomorrow and get some - I already printed out the directions to the store so we shouldn't have any problem finding the place.

Dan also wants to go down to the Camping World that is a little below Gainesville - there are a few things that he wants to look for - so we'll see. I'm not sure if we want to buy all this stuff or not with us this close to hitting the road or not, but I guess we'll see tomorrow.

I really don't have anything else to report - hope your work week is going well and ---------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!

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