Monday, April 19, 2010

Three down and one to go

I wanted to put this picture on line last night, but it was so late that I didn't want to take the time to load the pictures and then up load it to the blog. Sorry - but I wanted to tell you about this little squirrel - this picture was taken out the back window of the unit. There is a grape vine on this tree and this little squirrel crawled down on this grape vine and curled up and went to sleep. It was so cute - he must have stayed in that position for about an hour until the girls went outside and started to bark. Anyway, I thought it was really cute and I even liked this little squirrel.

Now, on to today. The shift today was from 11 to 3. I think I told you how much I dislike this shift - the only good thing about it was it is the last time we ever have to work that shift - at least this year. We were somewhat busy - I did do over $100 which is pretty good for a Monday, but I still had time to read some and put some stock out. I was able to load the coke cooler and put some other stock out on the shelves. We only have one more day to work - Thursday morning - and then we will be finished with our assignment here.

We are planning to start putting things away tomorrow - like taking the shelter down and getting it packed up. We will also have to look at rearranging and straightening up the "basement" to make room for our new E-Z Up screen room and the two new lounge chairs. This should be interesting, but I am sure that I will be able to make it work.

We did go into to Wal Mart and Ingles today after work - there were a few things we needed to pick up - well, maybe 'needed' isn't exactly the right word - more like 'wanted'. We did need garbage bags, coffee filters, water filters - both for the Brita and for the outside water filter. We wanted to get an electric knife (make cutting the homemade bread easier) and Dan wanted an electric blower (didn't have one). We did see one at the Ace Hardware store in Helen - don't know if he will decide to get that or wait and see if he can find one in Loganville this weekend. I also wanted to pick up some stuff for the bread machine. I think we are pretty much ready as far as picking things up for the trip - I still haven't bought all the coffee I wanted to get, but we can get stuff in Great Falls, Montana before we cross over the border. (It is still hard for me to think that one week from today we will start out GREAT adventure!)

Well, that's about it for today - hope you enjoy the picture of the squirrel and -------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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