Monday, May 17, 2010

Wasilla Alaska 5-16-2010

On our way down to Wasilla/Palmer we had to drive right by Denali National Park again, but it was probably about 100 miles down the road that we stopped at a rest area and I got this picture. Isn't it amazing??? I have to say that this is one of the most awe inspiring sights that we have ever seen. Hope you enjoy the picture.

Now, we are about 36 miles from Anchorage and about 3 miles outside of Wasilla in a small town called Palmer. Now, I thought that Wasilla was a small little village or something but it's not. Now, it's not Atlanta or even Anchorage or Fairbanks but it is a good size town - it actually has a Target, Sears, Walgreens, and, of course, a Walmart Super Center. We went to the super center and picked up some milk, coffee, and Dan a pizza for dinner. (Actually it was pretty good pizza)

We have decided to stay here a couple of days also - we'll drive down to the Kenai tomorrow - it's a three hour trip from here - so that means it will be an all day event. Of course, since the sun never sets here I can still do stuff when we get back. You think I'm kidding??? Well, it is almost 9 pm here and the sun is still up and looks about like it looks at 4 back east. The biggest problem I have seen is - I have to be really tired to be able to go to sleep - it is really hard to go to sleep when the sun is still shining. Dan and I have talked and if things get really bad, once we get settled, we will look at putting some additional darkening shades in the bedroom.

Now, after we got set up today we went back into Wasilla and went to the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Headquarters which also had a museum that you could go through.

It was pretty cool - we actually met the son of the man who is called "the father of the Iditarod". He had a team of dogs and you could go on a 1/4 mile ride on a training sled for $10 each. So for $20 we rode around the track which ran through the woods. To tell you the truth, I was surprised that Dan wanted to do that, but he was the one who was all gung-ho - which was fine. It was cool and something that we will never do again. We were very surprised to see the size of the dogs. I would have thought that they would be big and muscular, but they weren't. Just normal size dogs that weren't that friendly (which was hard for me since I just love dogs - any size or shape). He also had a 7 week old puppy there which was friendly - cute little pup with beautiful blue eyes. The museum was cool - had pictures of all the people who have ever won the Iditarod - I can't say the men because a few women have also won. Anyway, it was a nice little side trip.

Here is a picture of my man the "musher" he was just missing the dogs!!!!

And I would just ride - seems like that is all I am doing lately is riding!!! That's okay - we have to be in Haines by next Friday as we catch the ferry on Saturday. Then we can get set up and stay put for awhile - I'm looking forward to that!
Well, I can't believe that I only got one comment on my first every grizzly, but then I guess most of you don't read on the weekend. Oh well. Anyway, we didn't see many animals today - just a couple of moose and about 6 caribou - Dan says that he saw a porcupine - but I didn't see it so I can't verify that. Well, we'll see what we see tomorrow - would love to see another grizzly or two!
I'm going to sign off for tonight - I'm sorta tired and I think I'm going to go in and read for a while. Hope your weekend went well and ---------------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. Sarah Palin is from Wasilla area. She worked at the library there for a while. Of course her offical home was in your travel target town, at least while she was govenor. I can not remember where her current home is located. Enjoy the Keni, one of our favorite fishing areas. Over the years we would rent a place there for a week and fish, fish, fish,...

    Have fun.

  2. Sarah still "officially" lives here in Wasilla but I don't think she is here very often. The place that we stayed in Fairbanks she had given out "ice sculptor" awards there last year and Todd called them this year to tell them Sarah was upset she wasn't able to be there this year. Loved the Kenai!!!


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