Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another day that the campground is full

Today we had all the available spaces in the campground filled by 11 am. We had people lined up to get the spaces as they came available. We will have some open up tomorrow and we already have people who have said they will come back to get those. This is nuts!!! However, I must say that, so far, we haven't had any problems. We lock the gates at 10 and I think that has helped with people just "cruising" through. It didn't hurt that the law enforcement officers sat outside, in their vehicle, from 12 till 2. (We didn't even know they were there!)

We can say that this must be the busiest campground we have even been in - there is a steady stream of traffic going through - between campers, visitors, an just people "cruising" there are cars going through here all the time! It was sorta funny last night at about 9:45 - there was a traffic jam with cars trying to get out before we locked the gates!!! Dan and I talked about that today and there is probably a very good reason there is so much traffic - where else are they going to go??? There are 40 miles of road here in Juneau and the locals don't want to go downtown - that's were all the cruise ship traffic is (and believe, that is crazy when there are 5 ships in port at the same time!). So, you have us - we can just hear the conversation - "What do you want to do?" "I don't know - want to ride down to the park?" "Yeah, let's go see what's happening in the park!" and here they come. Like I said you can't really blame them.

There is a big party going on tonight at the Skater's Cabin - we understand the cars are parked on both sides of the street all the way from the campground entrance to the end of the road and people brought their own grills and the music is blasting. We will see how that plays out tonight - should be interesting.

Dan fixed country ribs on the grill tonight and I fixed some corn on the cob with some mashed potatoes. I also fixed a peach cobbler that we are planning on having while watching a movie tonight (we haven't had a chance to watch either one of our movies - maybe this weekend wasn't a good time to get movies). Anyway, we are going to try and watch one tonight and the other tomorrow.

I hope that you all are having a good holiday weekend - remember to BE SAFE and ----------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. It sounds as if you are the "only game in town." Enjoy the 15 minuts of fame as the campground hosts! Have a safe Memorial Day! God bless our troops, those with us and those who have gone before us.

  2. Aqmen to that sister - amen to that!!!


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