Thursday, May 20, 2010

5-20-2010 Haines, Alaska

Today was a busy, productive day. It started out waking up really early (7 am) when we didn't go to bed until about midnight last night and then I read for about an hour before actually turning out the light and going to bed. (Yes, we do still need lights inside even though it doesn't really get dark here.) After a couple of cups of coffee and a shower we went in and had breakfast at a restaurant that was recommended to us (really good home fries). Then it was back "home" where I cleaned up the dishes, made the bed, and got the laundry ready. Down to the laundry room where I had four washing machines filled (at $3.00 a load). While the laundry was going we went across the street and washed the truck - we actually got the top layer of dirt off and you can actually tell the truck is white (this only cost us $5.25)!

When we came back over to the campground we talked to the workcamper couple here - they are from Crystal River Florida and she went to the same high school in Lakeland that Dan and I went to. (She was actually born in Lakeland as was I.) We also compared notes on their Montana and ours as well as our Ford diesel trucks. Interesting conversation.

Then it was back into the laundry room and put our laundry into three dryer (they were really big) but it cost a quarter for 3 minutes! So for 36 quarters and 36 minutes later our laundry was ready to fold. Yahoo - all the laundry is finally done.

Back to the house where I spent some time on the computer investigating some job possibilities in Virginia and Vermont. Got the applications filled out and will get them in the mail tomorrow! While I was working on that I was also baking some bread - which turned out VERY good - Caraway Rye - would recommend it to any one with a bread machine! Oh, I also made egg salad for lunch, fixed dinner, and we went to the grocery store. Like I said, a very productive day!

Tomorrow we will play a little - after going out and checking in with the ferry we plan on playing tourist for the day- visit a few museums, go out to the Lake and check it out - go out to the Eagle Preserve - you know - just be a tourist.

I almost forgot, while we were at breakfast we talked to some people who sat behind us in the restaurant - they were from Idaho and are out here on vacation. They had camped at Mendenhall for a couple of days earlier this week - they were talking about how great the park is. So, we are even more excited to get there. We also spent time talking to them at the car wash - while we were there washing the truck they came to wash their car. Interesting couple and we enjoyed meeting them.

Well, I guess I'm going to sign off for tonight - Dana, glad the doctor's appointment went well - please keep us informed (sorry the phone was turned off - we did that when we were in Canada yesterday). Crystal, yes I'm getting used to sleeping in the daylight - although I may still get an eye mask just to help with the sleeping situation. Hope you all are having a good week. Take care and --------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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  1. you always think of lakeland as a small town until you meet someone in alaska who went to the same high school you did...


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