Monday, May 24, 2010

Quiet day

Okay - it literally took this one picture 45 minutes to download! Come on!!!!! I don't know if I can download that many pictures with this kind of service. Plus, I got knocked off line once. You know, when I thought about being in Juneau I thought I wouldn't have any problems with the Internet or with television. Well, think again! I can't get good Internet service and we have NO television! Dan thinks it's because we are sitting in a valley and surrounded by mountains. That might be it. Plus, everyone around here who gets television gets it off cable - Not satellite and certainly not from an antenna. Oh well, I guess we are back like we were in Idaho last summer - no tv, and no real feasible way to get it. So, we will either read a lot or watch movies. We do have a pretty good collection and we can probably find a place that rents movies here - at least, you would think so. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, the picture above is right across the street from the unit - that is actually 'the' glacier and if you look real close at those white things in the lake - well, that's ice from the glacier. Not too bad a sight to see when you walk out in the morning. Tomorrow, if I'm lucky, I'll post a picture of what I see out my window from my desk and I'll even try and do the campsite.

Today was a beautiful day - sunny with the high around 63 (there was a slight breeze, so the windbreaker felt good). Marc came by again today and brought the bear boxes - these are boxes that we loan to people who walk in to camp to keep their groceries in. We have 8 of them - Dan has already taken one to a camper - he has to padlock the box to the picnic table with a steel cable - does that tell you anything about the area we are in??? Actually, we had our first theft reported today - someone stole a bicycle off a site today. Marc says that because we are in an urban area (you call this urban???) we will sometimes have that kind of problem. We always keep the unit locked if we are not here and make sure all the doors to the basement are locked also. We also have to keep the truck locked. I'm not sure I like that, but there really isn't too much we can do about it at this point.

I woke up this morning with a headache - I took some sinus medicine and laid down for a little while - ended up going hard and fast asleep for about 2 hours. When I work up I felt some better - however, I broke out the big guns this afternoon - I broke down and took an Imitrex and the headache is all gone now. (Thank goodness!) I did work on the accounting stuff today - and it cost us a small fortune to get out here - by my calculations (and these are not finished yet) it cost us $3,850.00 to get here. That is just fuel and camp ground fees - doesn't include the ferry which we had already paid for (but that was $388.00) or groceries, or any eating out that we did. We you get right down to it, it will probably cost us at least $4,000.00. Now, hopefully it will be a little cheaper going home because we won't be doing the interior and Dan figures that added about $1,500 - $1,750 to the total - but it was well worth it. Anyway, when I get everything finalized I'll let you know.

I also called the mail order service today and asked them to send the mail - we haven't gotten any since we left Great Falls the end of April - so this first shipment will probably be pretty big. I set it up for them to mail it to us twice a month - on the 15th and the 30th. That should be helpful.

Tonight will be the first night that we lock the gates at the entrance to the park. I had to call the Juneau Police Department and give them the code to the gate in case of an emergency. I can tell you that we are really busy here - we have people coming to the door all the time asking questions and requesting stuff. It's like Dan said today - we are on duty from 7 in the morning until 10 at night (when we lock the gate) - we have no television - AND we work 7 days a week. Plus, if anyone has a problem in the middle of the night guess where they come. He said he understands why they don't have repeat hosts - between the cost of getting here and the hours on duty (since we are the only host on site) it is just too much. Now, don't get me wrong - we love the park and we are staying, but Dan says that when the time comes for us to leave he thinks he will be ready to go.

Well, I think that I will sign off for tonight - I hope that all is going well with everyone out there who is reading this. Oh, BTW, I forgot to tell you that when we were on the ferry coming over I saw my first whale! When I first saw it I wasn't sure what I was seeing, then it fluked (that's when the whale dives and the tail comes up) and there was no mistaking what it was - I didn't get a picture - but I am hoping that this will not be the last one I see on this trip. Okay - take care and -----------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. What an awesome front yard view you have! The lack of TV would bother me after awhile (can you pick up radio?). Be careful and stay safe. Your blog is GREAT reading. What an adventure!

  2. I assume that is Mendenhal Glacier in the picture. It is a beautiful sight. Sorry about the slow loading. Perhaps you can take it downtown ever so often to load your pics. Does Dish Network offer any alternatives? Just wondering. I'm enjoying your adventures. Sort of expensive though


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