Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010 - Happy Anniversary!

Well, today was our 1 year anniversary! We left Dowling Park Florida one year ago and headed west on I-10. Destination - Island Park, Idaho and our first assignment. It is hard to believe that we have been doing this for one whole year. In some ways it feels like we just started and in other ways it seems like we have always had this lifestyle. Sometimes people will ask us how many jobs we have had and I have to stop and think - we have only had three jobs heading to our fourth (Island Park, Highland Hammock State Park, Unicoi State Park, and heading to Juneau). I think this next year we will stay on jobs a little longer than two months at a time and then taking so much time off in between. This first job of this new year will be for a little over three months. We will probably take the rest of September off after we leave Juneau just to get back down to the lower 48. I hope to have a job lined up for us at least from the middle of October to the end of December (I'm going to try for Highland Hammock again) and we already have Unicoi again for January through March. I'll start working on trying to get a position in Virginia for April and May then Vermont June through Labor Day. IF I can get that set up I will feel really good about our next year. Then we will sit down and figure out what we are going to do next (remember this is renewable one year at a time and if we go through Labor Day of next year we will be working on year three - Wow!)

Now, let's go back to the present - we left Palmer, Alaska this morning heading back to Tok on the Glenn Highway and the Tok Cutoff. The Glenn Highway was pretty good road, but once we turned onto the Tok Cutoff the road turned bad real fast. Now, it's not as bad as what we will face tomorrow but it had a few bad places. We fastened the chairs down this morning as a test run - and we will need to tighten them up some more for tomorrow's ride. I'm going to see if I can use some dish towels to wrap around the candles I have left so I might be able to save them. We are just going to get an early start and take it slow and easy. Just not rush it. We know getting started that it is going to be a rough road and I think we are better prepared for it. I'll tell you tomorrow night.

Well, as you can probably tell we did not go down to Deadman's Lake to camp tonight - I told Dan that if he wanted to do that we could - but he decided to stay in town tonight so we could both have a good hot shower and a good hot meal. He also wanted to go to bed early tonight so he would be well rested for tomorrow. I'm really pleased that we stayed in town - but I would have done Deadman's Lake - I mean it would have just been one night.

Now the entire time we have been in Canada and the interior I would tell you that we had seen moose, but I don't think I ever posted a picture of any because they were always off the road where we only saw them as we were going by. Well - today I caught this one on the camera as he was galloping into the woods - this guy was really getting it. I think it is only the second time I have ever seen a moose run but he wasn't letting any grass grow under his hooves trying to get away from us. I know that it's not a good picture, but I just had to post at least one moose picture.

This is a picture of the Matanuska Glacier where it heads into the Chugach Mountains. About 18,000 years ago it reached all the way down into Palmer (which was about 75 miles from where it is now). The glacier's average width is 2 miles; at its terminus (which is what you are looking at) it is 4 miles wide. They say it has stayed fairly stable for the last 400 years.
Well, Dan is already in bed reading and I'm ready to follow him. Some people have asked me about the time showing on the blog - well, I haven't changed the time on my computer yet so I don't know if that is why - when we get settled in Juneau I will change the time and see if that changes the time stamp of when it posts. I hope that you guys are having a good week - I imagine that time is getting short for those of you that teach - so just hang in there you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Thanks to those that are leaving the comments - it's good to hear from you!! Take care and -------------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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