Sunday, May 30, 2010

Movie Marathon

This is going to be short and sweet again tonight - we are trying to watch both movies in one day - they have to be returned tomorrow and they cost too much not towatch them. Have already watched It's Complicated which was a cute little movie - Dan even liked it and laughed out loud in a couple of spots. We have taken a break for dinner - fish, wild rice, boiled shrimp, salad. While I cleaned up the kitchen and made the coffee - Dan took a ride on the bike and went to check the toilet paper in all the bathrooms/vaults. It is surprising how much toilet paper this campground goes through!

Last night was a good night - as I said we were completely full - but we didn't have any problems. The party over at Skater's Cabin that I talked about broke up about 7:30. Don't know if it was because they were finished or because the Juneau Police Department broke it up. I do know that two police cars came through the campground about 8:00 and stayed in the back for about 30 minutes. So far, we haven't had any problems with us locking the gate at 10. Let's just hope that continues.

Dan came back in and we took a quick trip through the campground in the truck so I can complete the paperwork that we have to turn in to the office. Now, we are going to hunker down and watch our other movie.

I hope you have had a good weekend so far, enjoy your day off work -and remember the end is in sight for all you teachers out there! Take care - be safe tomorrow and -------------------

I'll talk to you then!!!


  1. Hi there. How is the weather??? We are finally getting some cooler temps today and for rest of the week. Low in 40,s - high is 60's. Had a great time yesterday at Mackinac Island. Carriage rides and everything. Your days sound full - are you getting hazardous duty pay?? Five cruise ships are a lot in Juneau in one day. That is a lot of shoppers. Must really keep the Red Dog Saloon busy. Hope the day "after memorial day" is peaceful for you.

  2. Hey Neil and Carol - Glad your trip is going well - Weather here is sunny and "hot" (for Juneau that is) - High's in the low 70's. However, if you get in the shade you sure are glad that you have a long sleeve shirt on! We still haven't made it to Mackinac Island - that is on my "bucket list"! Take care and have fun!


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