Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skater's Cabin

Okay, I give up trying to download more pictures. Between people coming up to the 'house' and the Internet knocking me off I've been on here trying to post for over 2 hours - seriously - I started this at 7:30 and here it is 9:26 and I am just giving up! I hope to post this quickly so I don't get knocked off again.

First, this picture is of a cabin that is right around the corner from the 'house' - it is part of the park and it was built back in 1936 and it burnt in 1986 but with the cabin being made of stone the interior was destroyed but not the whole cabin. It was rebuilt with donations from the citizens of Juneau and it is available for rent and has a picnic table inside and a insert in the fireplace so you can have a fire in it. It is really pretty neat and I imagine it would be a good place to take a break in the winter time.

It also faces the lake and the glacier. I don't think I have mentioned what is in the next picture - on the other side of the lake from the glacier and around the corner where we can't see it easily is ---------------------------

this absolutely beautiful waterfall. When we were sitting outside this morning by the fire pit we could hear the water falling. It is a pretty big waterfall and the sound from it is fabulous!!!

Well, very quickly - the campground is almost full - the only sites we have left are about 8 on the RV loop - most people don't like to take those because they are the most expensive ($26 and $28 a night depending on whether it has sewer connection). Most people around here tent camp - and there is nothing left on the main loop - the auto loop - or the backpacker's loop. We have been told that this is the first year that everything has filled up so quickly - they say that the weather here has just been fabulous all month and people are ready to get out and enjoy - I know that the temperatures during the day get up around 72 and it has been sunny and clear. Wonderful weather that we understand is NOT typical!!!! I'm sure the rain will start soon - but if we can just make it through the weekend we should be just fine.

Speaking of which - we just stayed around the park today trying to keep things straight. We made about 10 trips around the campground and every time we made a new loop more and more campsites would be taken. It was crazy - the only good thing is we will be locking the gates in about 20 minutes and that should cut the traffic, at least for tonight! We will just have to take it one day at a time, as the old saying goes.

Well, I'm going to sign off for tonight before I lose the Internet again. I hope that you guys are having a great week and are looking forward to a wonderful and SAFE weekend! Take care and ----------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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  1. Good morning from Ship... This am it is arounjd 58. Really nice. We won't be able to check in with you until Sunday night. Sounds like you will have a very busy weekend with the campground being so full. Enjoy the sights and sounds.


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