Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Touring town

Well, I promised that I would download pictures of the campsite tonight and so I have. This shot was taken from the road looking back toward us - and if you look real close you will see the mode of transportation that the Forest Service has provided for us. In case you don't see it - It's a three wheel bicycle. Yep, that's right - a three-wheel bike. Now, before you laugh too much Dan has actually been riding it and says he likes it. It has three speeds also and it does make the first run through the campground easy to do. The entire loop through the campground is 1.8 miles - so it is good exercise for Dan. What we are hoping to be able to do is start walking the loop to make our evening rounds when we have to do the Daily Activity Log. It will take us longer to do, but it will certainly be good for both of us to walk a couple of miles every day.

This shot shows where we have the "garage" set up - I think that once the rainy season starts we will enjoy having this area under cover - Dan also has the little heater set up inside - more for the dampness than for the heat although I am sure that on days when it is rainy all day long it will be nice to have a little heat inside. Oh, you can get a better look at the bike in this picture also.

I also said that I would show you a shot of what I get to look at outside my window when I am sitting at my desk - well, this is it almost - I took this outside instead of through my window, so the perspective isn't exactly right - I see much more of the mountain and much less of the trees - but you get the idea.
Today was the first day that we cleaned all the bathrooms/shower houses/ vault toilets. It took us about two hours to get everything done and we really hadn't set up a system yet. We did decide that Dan would clean the vaults while I swept the floor and emptied the trash - in the bathhouses and restrooms we haven't quite got a good system worked out yet, but we will get it together. We'll clean again on Thursday before the big rush this weekend and then not have to worry about it - other than to check and make sure there is toilet paper available - the rest of the weekend. Then we will clean again on Tuesday of next week. Then we will get a set schedule down of when and who will do what. (Actually the vaults weren't bad today - only one was a little bit of a mess and it wasn't that bad). I'm not looking forward to this weekend - it should be a mad house and since we are the only hosts on site we will be busy!!! The good thing is Marc (the ranger who hired us) will be on duty so if we have any trouble we can call him or the two law enforcement officers.
This afternoon we went into town - we needed to pick up some stuff for us while doing our job here - Dan got some "Alaska sneakers" which are rubber half boots (really - that's what they are called!) and I just got some regular rubber boots (mine cost $20.00 while Dan's cost $50.00, but his were on sale they were suppose to cost $70.00). Anyway, when it is rainy and when we have to hose down the shower houses it will make sense for us to have this type of footwear - plus, I have set up a footwear changing area in the "garage" so we don't track stuff in the house. We will have a inside shoes and our outside shoes. Hopefully, this will help.
After we bought our footwear we drove into town where we found three cruise ships in harbor - one Princess, one Royal Caribbean, and one NCL (actually the NCL ship was the one that Dan, Neil, Carol J, and I were on in January when we went to the Caribbean - the Pearl - nice ship). Anyway, then we drove out and found our friend Marci's house and then we went out and found her and her husband's business - The Alaskan Brewery. We stopped and went in - Marci was there. She was in a meeting when we first got there, but we waited for about 15 minutes and she came down and saw us. We apologized for just showing up - but Marci being Marci - said it was no big deal. We didn't stay long, but we found out that Marci's dad is still here and we are planning on getting together before he and his wife and a couple of friends from North Carolina leave on Saturday. Marci wants us to come for a crab boil (yummy!). I'll see about baking a fresh loaf of bread to take. It will be nice to get caught up since we haven't seen Marci and Geoffery for three years or Don and Georgiana in about the same amount of time - maybe a little longer.

On the way out to Marci's house we found this waterfall just on the side of the road - there was a little turn out so Dan stopped and let me take a picture - this really doesn't do it justice - it was much larger than this but you couldn't get it all in because of the trees around it. But it sure was pretty!!! I'll take my camera if we go out to Marci's later in the week and take some pictures of the channel that runs in front of their house - it's the way that the cruise ships get into Juneau and it is really pretty - there are a lot of whale's in the channel later in the season - I hope to be able to see some.
Well, that's about all for today - tomorrow we are going to get caught up with some paperwork that we need to do here at the campground. I hope that your week is going well. Take care and---------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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  1. Good morning. Wonderful adventure - sounds like alot of hard work too. Beautiful sight of the glacier from your site. I could feel the coolness just looking at the picture. The waterfall looks familiar. Neil said he could remember seeing one on the way to Marci's home. Today we are in Brown County State Park in Indiana and headed toward Shippshewana today and will stay there until Friday afternoon. Remind us of the resturant that you liked there. We'll be thinking about you when you are at the crab boil. Enjoy.


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