Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 7 - 5-2-2010- Great Falls, Montana

Today was a day of contrasts - we started out this morning with the temperature at 38 degrees and sleet. Thank goodness the roads were warm enough that we didn't have any trouble with ice on the highway. The wind had died down some overnight so when we first started out it wasn't bad. However, that didn't last long. We got in a head wind which made our fuel mileage tank out - at one point we were averaging around 5.4 miles per gallon - NOT good! The picture above was taken at around 12:30 our time (which would be about 3:30 your time on the east coast). In case you can't tell - it's snowing - not just a little mix or a little shower - but it is SNOWING!!!!! It was beautiful - and before you ask - no the snow on the ground was not from today's snow - it just added to it.

Then we worked our way out of the mountains and went across some nice rolling hills - think of the movie Dances With Wolves - remember the countryside in that movie??? Well, that is what we were going through today and most of yesterday. Just today we had more trees than yesterday. Also, yesterday I forgot to tell you about all the pheasant we saw - they were everywhere in the fields and right along side of the road. I wasn't able to get a picture because by the time you saw them you were by them - but they were beautiful. We also saw a lot of ducks - wood ducks and mallards - even something I think were loons, but I'm not sure about that.

By mid afternoon - this is the country side we were in - this was beautiful also - just in a different way.

So, we went from this ------

and this ------------

to this.
If you can't make out what is in this picture I'll let you know - it is antelope. We saw a lot of those too but once again - it was hard to get a picture of them - I have the dogs in my lap and you really don't see them until you are right on top of them - and, in case you haven't been able to figure it out yet - all these pictures were taken as we were riding down the highway. (Pictures on the move!)
We made it into Great Falls around 6 our time this afternoon - the temperature was around 54 degrees, but the wind is horrible - the guy in the campground office says we are suppose to have wind gusts up to 50 mph tomorrow - glad we are not going to be on the road! He has us placed in a pull thru space with the back of the unit into the wind. Hopefully, that will help with the steadiness of the unit.
We got all the unit all hooked up and set up in about 15 minutes - and then Dan and I went out to eat - We figured we deserved a little dinner out - so we went to a Mexican restaurant right down the street. We both ate WAY too much but it sure was good!!!!
Tomorrow I plan on getting the unit cleaned up - and do the laundry. I mean all the laundry - sheets, rugs, everything!!!! That should keep me busy all day - then Tuesday we will find the Walmart Super Center and stock up on things. There is even a Petco here - so we will probably go in there just to see if there is anything the pups might need. I'll keep you posted for the next couple of days on what is happening. Hopefully, the mail will be here tomorrow. Then I will be able to get all that taken care of.
Well, that's about all for tonight - I'm tired and I still have to make the coffee. You guys take care - and remember that we are 3 hours behind you right now - will go to 4 when we make it to Alaska. I hope you had a great weekend and have a good week ahead. Stay with us - things should start to get really interesting in the next couple of days! Take care and ----------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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