Sunday, May 23, 2010

On the Ferry

Okay - all these pictures tonight are backward - the first one should be the last one and so on - I just wasn't thinking when I was downloading and I thought I had lost it all after spending over two hours getting these four pictures loaded! It is just taking forever trying to get these pictures on, but I will continue to try and post. Thank goodness the draft was saved so when I went off line I was able to still have the pictures - Yahoo!!!

So, let me work backwards and tell you about the pictures - this was taken as we were coming off the ferry yesterday - it was much easier than getting on - all we had to do was drive straight up the ramp even though it was as little steep. However, when we were getting on we entered the ferry on the side which means we had a make a really sharp turn to get in our lane. The people that work on the ferry were very nice and extremely good at their jobs. They helped us load and not a scratch anywhere!

We were the next to the last vehicle to leave the ferry when we arrived here in Juneau (there was one car behind us with some snow machines on a trailer). I jumped out of the truck and got this picture just before we started up the ramp. However, when all the vehicles were in the ferry this is what we looked like --------------

Just a little tighter. When we got on in Haines they put us on first (there were already some vehicles on the ferry - I don't know where the ferry had come from before it got to Haines). Anyway, I was a little nervous, but all went well. The pups traveled well in the truck (but they were sure glad to see us when we got back down to them).

This is the ferry we were on. I was extremely impressed with the passenger area - it was very large, clean, modern, and comfortable. Really nice cushioned chairs with lots of leg room and you could even lean back in the chairs and sleep. (This ferry did not have cabins, like some of the ferries on the Alaska run do.) It was a very enjoyable ride and the ferry traveled at 46 mph (that's moving on the water). You should have seen the wake this thing threw up in back - I took some pictures but you really can't tell.
Anyway, today we met Marc - the ranger who "hired" us and we were checked out on the campground and our duties were explained. In one way it seems like we do a lot, but then we also have a lot of time off during each day. We have to make rounds every day and unlock the gate in the morning and lock it at night (we won't start that until tomorrow). Bathroom duty won't be too difficult and we can set our own schedule. It should be fine.
We went to Fred Meyers (a local department/grocery/pharmacy/liquor/deli). It was a very nice store and a little more upscale than Walmart. It reminded us a little bit of Fresh Market - for those of you who know that chain. Anyway, we decided that when we needed meat we would go to Freds, for all the everyday stuff (bread, eggs, coffee, soup, etc.) we would just go to Walmart. That way we can get good meat, but still save a little on the everyday stuff.
We came home tonight and had chicken for dinner - Dan also cooked some beef ribs on the grill that we will eat tomorrow night. We put the "garage" up today with all the sides on. It makes a good place to put the chairs at night or if it is raining. We did our rounds after dinner and now we are ready to stay put for the evening. We have had quite a few people come by the camper with questions, needing change (which we don't have), and just general stuff. We (or I should say Dan) has met both the Law Enforcement officers that we can call if we have a problem (which I hope we don't, but you never know).
I'll get some pictures of the campground tomorrow - you will not believe how close we are to the glacier! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!! Not too much longer for those of you that are in education - you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Hang in there, it's almost over! Everyone else, I hope you are doing what you enjoy! Take care and --------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Glad to know you made it there safely. Now you can start a daily routine and put some order to your life. You haven't mentioned the temperature recently. Is it warming any?

  2. Actually the temperatures are very nice - it is 62 here at 12:22 with a slight breeze (the wind breaker feels good). A beautiful sunny day - I don't think we get many of these kinds of days - looking for the rain to start at any time! Hope to post some pictures tonight of the park!


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