Thursday, May 20, 2010

5-19-2010 Tok to Haines

I think some one forgot to tell Mother Nature that today was May 19th - this picture was taken on the Haines Highway at Chilkoot Pass. It was absolutely beautiful but it was also very cold. When we stopped for a puppy potty break the wind was blowing and the temperature on the truck thermometer said 39! That's a little cold - I don't care who you are. Poor little Jessie was just shaking while she was trying to find a place to go potty.

This looks more like a winter picture doesn't it - not the middle of May! Beautiful but COLD!!!!

This is a picture of King Mountain and if you have the new Milepost and you look on page 749 you will see this mountain with NO snow on it - I don't know when the picture in the Milepost was taken but it wasn't in May!!!
Today was a long hard day - we didn't make it in to the campground until 8:50 and by the time we got set up and I fixed dinner it was 10 our time. The road was not as bad as it was before - or maybe it was because we were prepared for it and knew what to expect. I packed the unit differently and I don't think we broke anything other than the shelf under the desk. I think I already have it fixed, but we will see. We will be here for three glorious days - time to get the truck and unit cleaned up (there is a car/rv wash right across the street from the campground) and I can get the laundry done. Yahoo!!!
I'm going to sign off for tonight - I still have to make the coffee and then I'm going to go in and read until I relax some. Hope you guys are having a good week and ---------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. The pictures are awesome...they look like postcards!

    Well I tried to call be just got voice mail! I had my echo and stress test..I will find out the results on June 2nd! I'll keep you posted, but I'm feeling good! Enjoy your adventure and no worries!

    OH...Happy Birthday Grandma! Thought about her yesterday! Actually..sometimes I have a patient that reminds me of her, so I think about her alot!

  2. looking forward to pictures of the ferry ride in a couple of days. hope you all are having fun. have you figured out how to sleep with the sun up yet? you better, that northern exposure sleep deprivation will get to you.


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