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Friday, November 6, 2009

Shopping in Sebring

Today we went into town and bought the "blue boy" (finally!) and it was actually less than the one we looked at earlier - and it is made by the same manufacturer and, to make it even better, it is larger! Dan did not set it up yet - that will be a job for tomorrow (maybe). I say maybe because we have so many people in the park right now - we have the festival tomorrow and a lot of people have come in for that. I don't think that they will all be here after Sunday - which is my first day of actual work, but we will have to see.

Tomorrow, as I said, is the big CCC festival and we have been told to expect 2,000 - 3,000 people here for the day - the festival starts at 10 and runs till 4. I told Dorothy that I would help her with the vendors in the morning (7:30 - what was I thinking??????) then I was asked this evening if I could help at the ranger station from about 11:30 till 2:00 - that will get all my time in plus some. Anyway, I don't mind - if they need the help that is why we are here - to help were they need help. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went. I might even take the camera out with me at some point and take some pictures.

Dan and I also went to Books-A-Million today and to Bed Bath and Beyond - we bought a couple of books each (I had finished all my Dan Brown books - how did you like Angels and Demons, Crystal?????) and then we went over to BB and B - I wanted one of those paper towel holders that is weighted and you don't have to hold it to tear a paper towel off. Anyway, we got it and a bunch of other stuff that we decided we HAD to have and walked out spending about $150.00 - oh well, it's only money - right???

After we left there we had to go to Wal Mart - Dan needed some things there and I said that we didn't need any groceries - wrong - by the time we left Wal Mart there was another $200.00 gone. We have GOT to go to work so we will quit spending money. We did buy a longer water hose - so now we are actually using the type of water hose you are SUPPOSE to use for drinking water and I did buy a pair of black jeans to wear with my gray uniform shirt. I also bought some hair color (it's about time to color my hair again - darn gray roots!) I did make sure I didn't get anything that said "copper" on it anywhere - no more red hair for me! We also bought a few groceries - but we should be set for awhile.

Melissa came over after she got off work and we went back into town - to Books-A-Million - she wanted to pick up the new book in the series she is reading - then we went to Wal Greens because I was going to download my pictures from my external hard drive and get prints made because I had a coupon from Wal Greens that 4 X 6 prints were .10 each with no limit - well, thank goodness, the prints wouldn't load from the hard drive. We came back home and started to download them from my computer to the web (actually the pictures I had "syn"ed to the web on Picassa - when we realized that I had over 2,000 pictures (like 2,147) - Dan said that was over $200.00 just for pictures - soooooo, I am going to have to go through them and decide which pictures I want to print out and make a new folder then get the pictures printed. I'll get more offers from Wal Greens for .10 prints so I'm not going to worry about the deadline on the coupon I have now.

Well, that was the extent of our day - tomorrow should be exciting and tiring. I'll let you know.

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. There is a nice secondhand book store right off the square in historic Sebring. It is run by a Christian organization. The books are arranged alphabetically by author and grouped according to the genre you like to read. The prices are reasonable, too.

  2. Thanks Dennis - sounds good to me. I love to read and with this new 'lifestyle' I don't have room to store so I just give them away when I have finished reading. Any way to save a buck!