Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 3 - 11-10-09

Each day is getting easier and easier and I'm learning more and more everyday. Today I learned how to take reservations on the pavilions and rec hall. I continued to answer the phone and the admissions to the park. I still have a lot to learn (like how to check campers in to the park) but that will come in the future. I have faith.

Dan also continues to learn new things every day - and he is still getting to ride around in the woods in the golf carts and "Mule". We talked about it today, and while we really enjoyed our job in Idaho, we are actually liking our job here more. We do different things every day and work with the public. Although, this morning Dan had a mess to clean up in the bathroom - not a good thing - but he did his job with no complaints (at least not to me). We'll continue to see how things go.

We heard from the job in Oregon - I don't think we will get this one - they are looking for people who will do the entire season (June through October), but she told me to contact them when we were ready to leave Alaska as they might have a cancellation and they might have a position for us. That would be a good thing for us. We'll just have to wait and see - but we all know how patient we are.

After work today I straightened the 'house' some. Then we went into town to the store - and picked up some groceries (you know, stuff for breakfast and lunch). I still haven't sat down and balanced the check book and caught up the 'black book' - I have to do that soon as the bills have to get paid on time. Anyway, I'll try and get that done tomorrow and let you know how the month looked last month and how we are doing so far this month.

Tonight is NCIS and the result show for DWTS - then I'll be off to bed. I'm tired - didn't sleep well last night - hopefully, tonight will be better.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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