Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This morning Dan and I, along with the other hosts, had a meeting with Ranger Mike who had the duty of showing the hosts how to clean the restrooms. I decided that I would accompany Dan to the meeting just to lend moral support. I actually helped clean one of the bathrooms - then while they were working on the other three buildings I came back home and cleaned our own bathroom along with the rest of the house.

Then at 1:00 we had a meeting with the assistant park manager - which lasted about two and half hours. We did tour the maintenance facility and see some of the things that we are allowed to use - like the golf carts. (Which makes Dan very happy!)

Saturday we have a big festival here and we are going to help out with that, even though we don't technically have to go to work until Sunday - I'll probably help Dorothy (the volunteer coordinator) with parking cars. Dan hasn't decided what he will do yet - we'll see.

We went into town tonight (Sebring) and bought a few groceries - actually very few. We talked about cooking at home tonight, but by the time we went to Home Depot (tell you about that in a minute) we decided that if we went to Publix hungry we would buy the store out - soooo, we ended up going to Sonny's Bar-B-Que and eating dinner. The good thing about that is we didn't buy a lot of junk food at Publix, the bad thing is we spent $25.00 for dinner. Oh well, that's our time to eat out this week.

Okay, why were we at Home Depot? Well, Dan wanted to pick up some gloves to wear while he is cleaning the restrooms and we ordered an area rug for the living area in the 'house'. We had looked at them in Atlanta, but didn't want to special order it until we got down here. Actually, by waiting, we got it cheaper - it was on sale! We wanted to get an area rug to help save the carpet in the living area - plus it is a way to put our "stamp" on our 'house' since we don't have a lot of ways to decorate. Anyway, it should be at the store in around a week. I'll take pictures when it comes in.

Tomorrow night we are going over to Melissa and Justin's and help them hang some pictures - and I'll cook dinner. It should be fun - we also need to pick up some mail that actually was delivered to their house today - YEAH!!!!!

Well, I don't have much else to report - we are just going to try and get things settled tomorrow before we go over to Melissa's. I'll also see if I can take some pictures of the outside of the unit and the park so you can see where we are camped.

Talk to you tomorrow!!!

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  1. You simply must eat at Homers. It is a buffet and has very good food.


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