Friday, November 27, 2009

Day after Thanksgiving

Dana, Mark and the girls came down to see us today - we took them for a ride on the big golf cart and saw some turtles and the momma alligator with just one of her babies - that picture is below. We fixed some hot dogs on the grill and had some macaroni salad along with potato salad and potato chips. It was a little cool on the ride, but I hope everyone had a good time.
Here is momma again - see if you can find the baby.
After Dana, Mark and the girls left we took all the fall stuff down to the storage building in Lake Placid - saw Melissa and Justin for a few minutes - picked up some of the Christmas boxes to start going through. If it were up to Dan we would have put the tree up today - as it is, we will probably do that tomorrow IF I can find the right box of decorations. That will be the question - I mean, I only have about 20 crates of Christmas decorations to go through.
I think that Dan's cousin is going to come down and see us tomorrow - and I do need to do laundry as some point so I will have my uniform clean for my new work week. Dan has gone into town to get me an ace bandage (we'll see if this will help with my pain issue) and some Tylenol.
I'm going to sign off for tonight - enjoy the pictures.
Talk to you tomorrow!

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