Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finally pictures of deer!

Today was a pretty easy day at work - it was really slow until about 10 o'clock. Then things picked up some and the day passed quickly. This morning, while things were still slow we had a couple of visitors at the ranger station. Finally I was rewarded for taking my camera with me to work everyday - the picture above was taken out the back door of the 'office'.

This one was taken as the two deer ran across the road and headed back into the woods.

A little later these same two deer crossed the road a couple of times further up the road away from the station.

This is taken out the back door also - the two heard a noise and that's when they turned and ran across the road - I really didn't do a good job of putting these in the correct order - but I think you can figure it out.

Everyone keeps saying that this week is going to be very busy - with Thanksgiving on Thursday - we will have to wait and see - we didn't have anyone check in today and we did have about 10 campers leave today - so we'll just have to wait and see.

I called my mom today - she is staying with one of her friends in Lakeland - and gave her the directions to the state park - Dan and I figured it would be easier for her to find us than to find Melissa's house plus she hasn't seen our new unit - so she will come here on Wednesday around 1:00 and then I'll bring her to the camper - show her around and then go to Melissa's. I'm going to spend the night there Wednesday night and then Dan will come down on Thursday. It will work better than trying to explain to her how to get to Melissa's house - there are quite a few twists and turns - plus I'll be there to help Melissa get things set up and get Thanksgiving dinner ready.
Well, Faith is singing - so it's time for Sunday Night Football!!! (I'm sooooooo happy that we have the Dish working - I've really missed my football) - Today has been some strange games - they were talking about the game last week - Dan and I went to bed thinking that the Pats had won the game against the Colts - but you never count out Payton and of course Belachick (or however you spell his name) made that call that no one understands. Anyway, it doesn't matter - the Colts won!!!!! (Sorry, Justin and Melissa - but he's over it by now cause the Pats won today). I'm still routing for my Brett - he's having a GREAT year and I hope he keeps it up. Well, I'm going to sign off for tonight - after all I have work tomorrow.
Hope you enjoy the pictures (in fact, I enjoyed the one of the deer crossing the road so much I put it on here twice - sorry!) Take care and -------------------------------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!!!!

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  1. GOOOOO BRETT!!! Glad you can watch football again, it would have been a shame if you missed the great game he had...


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