Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back in Lakeland

We left Lake Placid this morning - didn't get pictures of Melissa's house due to having company again last night. Arleen came over to help hand out Halloween candy but we didn't have the first Trick or Treater. I think they all went to the Fall festival at the city circle. Dan and I really like Lake Placid - it is a neat little town where everyone knows everyone else. We think it will be a good place for the kids to live. We also really like the kids house - it is a lovely home and fits the kids well. We are very happy for them!!!

Anyway, when we left this morning Dan wanted to go by Highland Hammock State Park again and look at the spot they want us to park our camper - it is really going to be a tight squeeze to get our 37 foot RV into this spot because of the location of the trees. Dan says he can do it, but it will take him some time to get it in. We'll see how it goes. They still don't have the park paved yet - which is the reason that we are not there now, but we're going down tomorrow anyway. We will get set up and get settled - check the park out, especially since I will be working in the ranger station I want to know what I am talking about. It will be interesting to say the least.

After we left the park we came back to Lakeland by coming up 27 instead of the way we went down on 17 - Dan thinks he likes 17 better because there are fewer traffic lights - I don't know which is best but he is the one who is driving so I'll go which ever way he wants. We also stopped at Dusty's Camper World to look at the "blue boy's" - those things are expensive!!!! But it will be something that we will need at this park and possibly at others down the road, so we are just going to have to bite the bullet and buy one.

When we got back to Dana's we went up to the house and saw everyone - Dana and the family was celebrating Ashley's sixth birthday today - we got here around 1:30 and they were already eating cake. I felt bad that we were late, but we did leave fairly early this morning - I guess it was all the side trips that caused the delay. Later we ran down to Wal Mart to get a card and a gift card for Ashley and pick up just a couple of things (like toilet paper) then Dan wanted to go by Publix and pick up Chinese - we love their Bourbon Chicken and the Publix at Lake Miriam is the only place that sells it. We each picked up a dinner and came home and ate. (I even drank a bottle of Publix sweet tea - yes, I said sweet tea!) We watched a little of the football game (Vikings/Packers - GO BRETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) then went back up to the house for a little while.

Dan is now in the bed watching the World Series (Go PHILLIES!!!!!!) and I'm heading that way in just a few minutes. We will pack up and head down to Highland Hammock in the morning. I'll take some pictures of the campsite after we get set up and post tomorrow. All of you that have to go to work tomorrow - I hope you have a good week and to everyone else you have a good week also!

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!

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