Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Okay, let me explain. First of all yesterday morning started out just fine - I got ready for work and was waiting for Dan to come in to take me to work. Instead I walk outside and Dan has "my" motorcycle cranked and wants me to ride it to work. I told him I didn't want to, but he insists (later he admitted he was trying to show off). Well, the next thing I know I have crashed into a picnic table and the camper next door to us. No, I didn't hurt the other guys camper - or the picnic table. To tell you the truth, yesterday I thought I had cracked a couple of ribs, but now I think I just bruised them. I do have a huge bruise on my inner thigh, and I am really, really sore - but I'm fine. Really! You don't have to worry anymore - we sold the motorcycle last night so I won't be on it again. Just in case you are wondering - yes, I went to work and stayed my whole shift.

After I got home from work I did take a couple of pain pills and then we had to go into Bartow to take the truck in and see IF they can actually fix the problem - whatever that is. We got a rental car to use while they are working on the truck - but the problem is, we don't know how long it is going to take to fix the truck - when we called them this afternoon to see what they had found - they had no idea what the problem is. We are suppose to call again in the morning and see if they have found something yet. (It sorta worries me that they haven't found anything, it makes me think that they will just make something up to make us "feel better".) Anyway, we really can't plan our trip to Dowling Park until we find out - we'll see tomorrow what is happening - but the fact of the matter is - we don't have any choice - we HAVE to go to Dowling Park this weekend - next weekend is Thanksgiving (DUH!) and the next weekend is the first of December and I don't want to have to pay another month's rent on the unit in there. Plus there is some furniture that Melissa and Justin is going to use in their new house and they would like to have it before all the people come to their house for Thanksgiving.

This afternoon we went over to Melissa and Justin's and made the grocery order for Thanksgiving and Dan helped Justin put some stuff on the wall while Melissa and I unpacked the Thanksgiving dishes. Then we went and ate a quick dinner before Dan and I came home to watch NCIS and the result show for DWTS. I'll take a couple of pills and go to bed soon. Will let you know what we find out about the truck tomorrow. Until then .............................

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. i have nothing to say other than that i am giving you "the face". you know what that means.

  2. Oh no!!! Glad to hear you are okay minus a few bruises :(

  3. Okay, Okay - like I said in the post I didn't want to ride it Monday anyway - sooooo glad Dan sold it. Can't wait to get it gone!


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