Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Two

Today was a little different than yesterday - I worked with a different ranger today and it is definitely true that each ranger does things a little differently than the next. Not that it was bad it was just different than yesterday - the ranger yesterday was very talkative and the ranger today was NOT. I did get a little more responsibility - I got to answer the telephone - yahoo! Some things I didn't know the answer to and had to ask, but for the most part I was able to handle anything that was asked.

Dan worked a lot with the rangers - he still had to clean bathrooms, but he was able to spend time outdoors working and driving the "mule" - he was in hog heaven. Tonight he is complaining about being sore and his back hurting - but it this will be good for both of us. It requires us to do more walking than we are used to and Dan, especially, is having to lift things and use muscles that he hasn't had to use since he was working on the house in North Carolina. We have both said that we will get used to the work - it will just take some time.

After work Dan rested for a little while, then we went into town to Wal Greens and picked up those pictures that I had ordered over the Internet (354 out of 2789). I sure can't get all of them especially right now - I mean that would be over $200.00 IF I had a coupon for them at 10 cents apiece. I'll have to go through and sort and see which ones I really want to have printed for the scrapbook. It will just take some time - which right now I don't have. I'll work on it when I get the chance. (Maybe in January or February while in Dowling Park). Anyway, after we picked up the pictures we went over to Melissa's and picked up our mail - we got the information packet from Alaska - we will need to read over it and send some paper work back but that should get that all finished until it's time for us to head that way. I also applied for us a job in Oregon for August, September, and maybe October of next year. I don't have any idea if we have a chance to get it - but you never know until you apply.

That's about all that happened today - they are working on paving the roads - finally! Don't know how long that will take. We have two days down and two days to go for this week. I don't know who I will be working with tomorrow - but time will tell. I learn a little more every day. It will get better. Well, I'll sign off for tonight -

Talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. oregon too? hopefully you get that job then if kim and i can't make it to alaska over the summer, we'll be able to come to the pacific northeast in the fall.

    be sure to tell dan to stretch. hey, maybe you can get him to take yoga...


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