Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Sunday at Work

Well, I promised a picture of our Christmas tree today - and here it is. Also, if you notice the TV in the background you will see that I was watching the Viking kick some Jay Cutler butt (how's that Crystal??) I bet that some of you that play on the fantasy football league wish they had picked up Brett Farve as your quarterback don't you - HA! Oh you of little faith - thinking the boy can't play anymore - guess he is showing you huh???? I do love to see that boy play! I know- some of you are saying that today wasn't much of a test - but he has played well all year (the best quarterback rating in the NFL - thank you very much!)

Work was very busy today - so much so I looked up and it was 20 minutes after 1 - and time for me to go home - Dan worked until almost 3 today - we had so many people leaving that they had to clean the bathhouses twice. Anyway, we did get some things done at the 'house' today, but not everything we were thinking we would get done. Dan did get his decorations done outside - lights on the awning over the picnic table - now he wants to go buy some bigger crates so we can put all our stuff in just a couple of crates instead of having three or four crates. So, I guess we will do that tomorrow after work - we might even go over to the storage building and get some other crates to go through. (Crystal, if you want anything else in particular, you better let me know.)

I'm hoping to get everything gone through in the next couple of days and then get the outside of the unit cleaned up and straightened up - I don't like things to be in disarray, whether that is inside or outside. We should have everything done in the next couple of days - I know that we still have a lot of crates to go through - but it shouldn't take me long to go through them- I really don't think I want anything else here - so it will just be making the decision if I want to keep the stuff or give it away. I'm in the mood to get rid of stuff instead of keeping stuff and people who know me know that when I decide to go through stuff I get rid of it. I don't keep a lot. Too bad I couldn't have another garage sale - bet I could make some more money. Oh well.

Speaking of making money - Dan has decided to sell the 'big' bike - I got home from work today and he had put a sign on it - "For Sale - $2,200.00" - YEAH!!!!!! Now, if we can just to sell it - I might put an ad on Ebay or Craigs List - I think Craigs List is free. We'll see what Dan wants to do.

Well, I don't have much else to report - if any of you know someone who wants a nice bike just let me know and I'll give you more information and I'll even post a picture or two. Until then ----

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. the tree is adorable. and are those little wieney dog sweaters i see under there? kim and i put our tree up on thursday night and put the lights on last night. we'll decorate it one day this week before our christmas party on saturday. hope you are feeling better mom.

    oh, and just so you know, the guy i was playing against in my fantasy football league has brett favre. so though i love brett, i was not happy with the 40 fantasy points he put up yesterday. can't he just had it off to peterson like he is suppose to?

  2. sorry Crystal - but all I have to say is ----
    GO BRETT!!!!!!!!


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