Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leaving for Dowling Park

Our second work week is over (Yeah!) and this week went really very quickly. I was surprised that it passed as quickly as it did. Anyway, we will leave in the morning for Dowling Park and pack up the storage shed. We rented the U Haul on line so it will be there for us to pick up tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully we will be able to load at least 1/2 tomorrow and then finish up Friday so we can drive back home Friday afternoon. At least that would be the plan - the U haul people are only giving us two days. So we have to plan our time well.

Melissa came over and picked me up this afternoon and we went into Lake Placid and bought groceries for Thanksgiving. We should have everything that we need except the fresh vegetables - I ordered another turkey (Melissa had only had one but it was a little small so we all decided we needed another one) and we also have a nice size spiral cut ham. I also ordered a vegetable tray from Publix which we will pick up on Wednesday afternoon (yes, I will have to fight the crowds). MeMe (my mom) should be here Wednesday morning and then she and I will go down to Melissa's on Wednesday and start with the preparations. We will both spend the night and then Dan will come down on Thursday morning. It should all work out. Melissa says the guest count right now is at 17 and could go up to about 25. I just hope we will have enough food (we should, but you never know).

Well, I really don't have much else to report tonight - I am feeling better but I am still very sore - I'm hoping it doesn't interfere with the loading of the truck tomorrow and Friday. I'll let you know. So until then ......................................

Talk to you tomorrow!

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