Monday, November 2, 2009

Orlando ????

What are we doing in Orlando - actually Winter Garden - instead of Highland Hammock State Park???? Well, let me tell you the story.

We got back from Lake Placid yesterday with no problems - did our running around - went up to the house and took Ashley her birthday present- went back to the 'house' and decided to turn the air conditioner off and just have the fantastic vent last night. Everything was fine. We got up this morning - had our coffee and sat down for breakfast when Dan noticed the light on the refrigerator was blinking - he went over to look at it and saw it said "Low DC". He couldn't figure out what that meant - until he looked at the battery indicator and saw that they did not have any power. He went into the breaker panel and saw that the power inverter circuit was off - so he turned it on and immediately there was a burning electrical smell in the house. He flipped it off and we called our dealer. Well, to make a long story short (I know, a little late for that) we had to come to Winter Garden to the closest dealer to get the unit looked at. Turns out that the power inverter is fried and will have to be replaced. Of course, the dealer did not have the inverter we need, so it had to be ordered from the warehouse. It is suppose to be here, in Winter Garden, at the dealership tomorrow at 1:30. The dealer says that we should be on the road down to Highland Hammock by 3:00. If that's true we should be there about 6:00 tomorrow evening. We'll see.

We are in a campground right down the road from the dealership for the night - and, of course, we had to pay for it (Dan doesn't think that is right, but what can you do??). We went out to Outback for lunch/dinner (we had not had anything since breakfast). To tell you the truth, I'll be glad when we get settled and I can get back to cooking dinner (okay, I know my family is having a seizure - my MOM COOKING!!!!) My oldest daughter has been know to say that it would be a Christmas miracle if her mom was in the kitchen cooking anything, and in the past, that would have been true. I used to say that the only reason we had a kitchen was - it came with the house! Well, I have gotten to the point that I would rather cook at home than eat out. Right now I just feel that we have been in turmoil for about a month and I'm ready to get things settled.

Oh, one of the things that I didn't tell you was that when the power inverter fried it looks like the Dish DVR fried also - it won't even turn on. When we get down to Highland Hammock we'll call and see what is going on. We'll see about the service and see what happens.

Well, I'm tired - to say that I was a bit nervous todayd would be an understatement and now, that things are settling down, I'm drained - so I think I will sign off for tonight.

I'll talk to you tomorrow, hopefully from Highland Hammock!


  1. Being reimbursed for the camping site might be something that the dealership can cover since the part is under warranty. You should ask (which you probably already have). But if you had a similar experience with a vehicle they would reimburse a rental vehicle. It might not be something they readily give but if pushed they could (and Dad should be a good pusher because Dana and I had to get it from somewhere!!). John has a strongman contest in Orlando this weekend so we are going over there for that.

  2. Dan already tried to get the dealer to pay for the park - no go. Oh well, that's just one more thing. We aren't in Orlando anymore - we have made it to Highland Hammock FINALLY!!!!


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