Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well, well , well, the Saints did it!

Congratulations have to go out to the Saints - they played a great game and they certainly deserve the win tonight. Yes, it's true that I was cheering for the Colts, but I certainly was NOT against the Saints. I like Drew Brees and the coach so I'm not upset. It was certainly a lot closer than the final score showed. The interception sealed the deal for the Saints. So, like I said - Congratulations!

Today was a pretty quiet day - I cooked the pork shoulder that Neil had given us earlier in the week. So now we have a refrigerator full of meat - chicken, Boston Butt Roast, and the pork shoulder that I fixed today - Maybe I can freeze some of the meat for future use. We went over to Jewel's tonight for a Low Country Boil and let me tell you, that was GOOD!!!!! I took a couple of salad's over - a tossed salad and some cole slaw. It sure was some good eating!!!! Dan and I came home in about the middle of the third quarter and I got our kitchen cleaned up. As soon as I sign off tonight it will off to bed for me.

Tomorrow we are going to go over to Neil's and see if the things we are going to take down to Lake Placid will fit in the back of the truck instead of having to get a trailer. Dan thinks it will - we'll have to see. It sure will make the trip easier if we can, but if not, we'll work it out.

I'll also, probably try and get the laundry done so I won't have to worry about it while we are getting ready to go down to Lake Placid. We are talking about MAYBE going down a couple of days earlier. I'll have to call Melissa to make sure it will be okay with them (since we are staying at their house), but Dan would like to go down on Wednesday instead of waiting until Friday. There are a couple of things we need to do with our address change (bank, school board, insurance, etc.) and it would be easier to do in person instead of by mail - especially the school board. To tell you the truth they are a pain in the you know where to get anything changed. Well, I'll let you know after I talk to Melissa tomorrow.

I really don't have anything else to report today - I hope you all had a good weekend and that you will have a good week next week and --------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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