Monday, February 22, 2010

More rain - Really???

Rain - really - just what we need - not. We have had rain just about every other day since we have been back up here in Dowling Park. Plus, now the weathermen are talking about freezing temperatures again! Come on - enough already! Of course, in just a couple of days we will be heading north a few hundred miles and I'm sure it is going to be cooler in the north Georgia mountains than it is in north Florida (although I wouldn't guarantee that!). Anyway, let's just say that I am very glad that I brought sweaters back from the storage room with us. Plus, let's just say that I won't be sad when spring FINALLY shows up!

We did go into town today - first we went by Lowes and Dan bought a hook to put on the wall for his cowboy hat (you know Dan and his hats!). Then we went to the insurance company to pick up the declarations page to send to the new insurance company (it shows that we have not been without insurance). Anyway, while I was there I told them that I would be cancelling the insurance with them. Of course, they wanted to "talk to us about our insurance so they could see where they could improve". Funny how they always want to "talk" when you say you are going to cancel. Doesn't do any good - I'll call and cancel it tomorrow. Really, they don't offer full time RV coverage for the unit and that is what we need - so it really doesn't need to be "talked" about.

After leaving the insurance company we went into Wal Mart (our usual stop). We just needed a couple of things - and as usual we walked out with over $100 worth of stuff - all stuff we 'need' of course. We did pick up a few more groceries than I thought we needed, but it is all things we will use - like coffee, and coffee creamer, and grape juice, etc. Then, of course, there is the sporting goods stuff that Dan can't live without - and I did buy some new body lotion (heat and dry skin - they just seem to go together).

Once we got home and got the groceries put away - I did the laundry. Now, I am going to complain about something. The last two weeks, when I have done laundry, someone here in the park has gone in and taken my laundry out of the washing machine and stacked it on the counter when it is finished. To me, that is a lack of respect. I would never take another person's laundry out of their washing machine - no matter if I had to come back two dozen times before they had taken their clothes out. I have NEVER had someone wait more than 5 minutes when a washing load finished before coming to put it in the dryer - and then for someone to take my clothes out - well, it just sorta makes me very angry. I haven't had that problem in any other park the entire summer, nor in this park until this new group came in. Anyway, I'm done complaining - and I won't have to worry about any more since I won't be doing any more laundry here!

Well, I don't really have anything else to report - so I guess I'll sign off for tonight. Tomorrow we will packing up so we can get a fairly early start on Wednesday morning - we do have to be in Lake Park pretty early so we can get our DirecTV hooked up (yahoo!). Hope you guys are having a good week and -----------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. I've never taken clothes out of a washer but I will take it out of a dryer and put it on a folding table or put it in a cart. Otherwise my wet clothes are keeping someone from using the washer while I'm looking at a dryer that has stopped tumbling. To avoid this, I always stay with my clothes. However, I've seldom run into this problem.

  2. When in a public laundrymat I always stay with my clothes - this is a small laundrymat that is SUPPOSE to be only for the campers here - two washers - and there are no chairs to sit in. I've timed the wash cycle and I'm there within 5 minutes (usually less). To me, this person is saying their clothes (or time) is more important than mine - and I think that is selfish. Anyway, I'm getting way too carried away with this - I need to just let it go and move on. They (whomever "they" are) can have it - we are moving on!


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