Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Change in Plans

There has been a change of plans for this summer. Yes, we are still going to Alaska - just not where we first thought we were going. Let me explain. I have been very open about my hesitation of going to Deadman's Lake - I mean, talk about remote. I wasn't sure I was ready to go without cell phone or Internet access. I really didn't mind the generator, or the tank with the water - but the idea of being out at this campground in the middle of nowhere Alaska with no way to contact anyone IF there was a problem. That was a whole lot scary! So, the other day when we were looking at places for the fall and winter I just happened to see a different position in Alaska. I asked Dan which he would rather do and he told me to apply for the new position - which I did. Saturday we got a formal application in an email with the request that we fill it out and send back as soon as possible. I filled it out on line and emailed it back to the ranger that afternoon. I figured we might hear something sometime this week.

Yesterday, at 7:45 Alaska time, we got a phone call. Well, to make a long story at least at little shorter we talked to the Ranger - we were offered and we accepted the new position. I called the volunteer coordinator at Deadman's Lake and explained why we would not be there - which she understood and told us that if we wanted to try it again another year just to let her know. So, I'm sure you are asking were we are going instead. Well, we are going to - Juneau. Actually we will be the campground hosts at the Mendenhall Lake Campground - our view will be of the Lake and Mendenhall Glacier (not a bad view). We will be 13 miles out of town and we will be there from the end of May through Labor Day (September 8th). So we will be there much longer and Dan is very happy about that, plus we know people that live in Juneau so that will make things better too! We won't be completely isolated and friends and family will still be able to come see us (there is an airport in Juneau - I mean, it IS the capital of Alaska after all!) So, I'm excited that we won't be so isolated and Dan is happy that we will be in Alaska for a little more than three months. Some people may wonder how we will get the camper to Juneau since there are no roads in - well, I'll explain that later in a different blog post.

Tomorrow we will be leaving for Lake Placid - Dan actually wanted to get an early start but we haven't packed our clothes yet nor have we loaded the back of the truck. Dan will have to go over to Neil's and get a suitcase (we thought we had left one here at the unit, but he says he can't find it in the basement). While I am packing the suitcase he will be putting the stuff up from under the awning (grill and chairs). Then we will go over to Neil's and load the truck. Our plan is to leave Dowling Park by 10 - 10:30. We'll see if we meet that deadline.

Sorry I didn't post last night - but I just wasn't feeling too well and I decided to just go to bed. Hope you understand. I will be taking the computer with me when we go down to Lake Placid so I will be able to post while down there. We will be going up to Bartow, probably on Friday, to take care of some business there at the bank and the School Board (changing our mailing address). Then on Monday the pups have their doctor's appointment. It should be an exciting and productive weekend.

We met with our CPA this morning and he is suppose to have our taxes done on the 18th - right before we leave for North Georgia. I'm a little apprehensive to see what he comes up with - I will happy if we don't owe anything this year. I'll be overjoyed if we can actually get a refund. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Well, I don't have that much else to report for tonight, so I will sign off. Hope everyone is having a good week and ----------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. Congratulations on the Juneau gig. At our age I would be hesitant to be so isolated as the other place you described. We've been to Juneau and my best memory is of the fish weir (sp?) when the salmon returned to spawn. Interesting! I know you'll enjoy your time there and I won't have to go without hearing from you nor will I have to worry!!

  2. thanks Donna - I am so relieved that we will actually be in civilization! I'm looking forward to doing some whale watching - we have done that in the past when we have cruised to that area - LOVE IT!


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