Friday, February 26, 2010

Unicoi State Park

Got up this morning in Madison Georgia to a temperature of about 27 degrees! Guess what - the water line was frozen (well, duh!). Thanks goodness I had fixed the coffee pot last night so all we had to do this morning was turn it on and wait for the water line to thaw out. We even had some cable so we were able to watch TV this morning. Dan got the water line thawed out and we both had showers (and I even washed my hair) and I got the kitchen cleaned up - everything repacked and we were on the road by 10 this morning. Not too bad.

We stopped at "our McDonalds" in Cornelia, Georgia and had lunch - the tempertature was sure not going up much and the wind was wicked coming straight out of the north. We pottied the pups (Jessie sure doesn't like cold weather - poor baby just shivers while she is trying to go potty) then we headed on out toward Unicoi. The traffic was not bad so we were not slowed down at all by that.

We arrived here around 2 this afternoon - checked in at the lodge and received all our paperwork. We found our camphost spot and took our time getting set up (even though we were both about to freeze to death!) since we are going to be here for two months we wanted everything done correctly. After we got everything set up - and Dan was doing something outside - I went in and got everything unpacked and put back where it belongs. Then I cleaned - really cleaned - mopped floors, vacuumed carpet, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, dusted - the whole nine yards. Now, everything is nice and neat and clean.

We got our first month schedule in the paperwork we picked up today - and Dan is mad at me. They have me working in the camp store (out of the weather) while he is working in the campground. Well, he does love to be outside so he will certainly have the chance. It is just with this weather it is a little cold - but it will warm up - at some point in time. Anyway, we will have training Monday and Tuesday of next week and orientation on Wednesday. Our work schedule is sorta funny - we don't have set days that we work so it will be a little difficult to keep track of what we are doing - I'll have to post the schedule somewhere that we will be able to see it.

After I got the house clean we went down to the camp store just to look around and met one of the volunteers (Susan) that also works in the store. We looked around and it is a nice little store with crafts, firewood, and a few groceries. It should keep me busy. We also met the host that is right next door to us (Don) and he and his wife also have a dacshund only their's is a male named Chester. Our girls have not met Chester yet - so I'm not sure how that will go, but what are the chances that the people right next door would also have a daschund????

Now, we come to the problem - at the unit we do not have any internet service - the air card will hook up, but there is just not a strong enough signal to do anything - so, I'm not real sure how this is going to work. How am I posting this you might ask? That is a very good question - Dan just insisted (yeah right!) that we go to the Lodge for dinner tonight - they had Rainbow trout and Dan just had to try it out. Well, in the Lodge we have WiFi so I'm sitting here in the dining room and posting on my blog. I don't know if I will post like every other day or if I can write the blog on word, then come up and cut and paste it on the blog - that way I won't be herevery long. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it, but I will let you know as soon as I do. (Plus, I don't know how I am going to handle my "farm" on Farmville, but I'll figure it out!)

Well, I think that is all I have to post for tonight - we are settled for a couple of months. Hopefully tomorrow I can take some pictures of the park and our campsite. We don't have everything set up yet - we don't have the shelter set up with our rope lightening, and I'll just have to get things "homey". I'm sure I'll come up here tomorrow to post and probably Sunday too since we don't start training until Monday. In the meantime, I hope that you all are staying warm (thank goodness we got our coats out of storage!).

I'll talk to you tomorrow (hopefully!)


  1. We have a friend who uses a Wilson Trucker's Antenna which is a booster for a cell phone. I can get you more info on it if you want. You'll get frustrated not being able to sit in your own rig and get on line when you want or need to. Glad you arrived safely. We're looking at snow, snow and more snow here in Michigan!

  2. Thanks Donna - we'll see if we can find one - your right - I can't see me going two months without my internet!


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