Friday, February 5, 2010

Bag Sale

Today Dan and I went over to the Rumph Pavilion and worked from 10:00 until 1:00 at the bag sale here in the village. Today was only for employees, volunteers, and residents of the Village while tomorrow the sale will be open to the public. There was more stuff there than you could ever imagine and it was all just clothes and books. The 'bag sale' meant that when people came in they were given a plastic bag (you know, like a Wal Mart bag) and whatever you can get in the bag was $3.00. There were people that were able to get a whole "lotta" stuff in a Wal Mart bag. Even though it was raining Dan and I had 77 bags of clothes go out the door in our three hour shift. Not too shabby. I even found a couple of things myself - a couple of sweaters, a sweatshirt, and a shirt. I really didn't try and fill a bag - I just don't really need anything (I really didn't need the stuff I bought).

After we finished with our shift we went to the cafe for lunch - then I did a little "shopping". I just walked through the two little gift shops here in the Village. I did buy a sympathy card for one of our friends. Lynn's husband passed away yesterday with cancer. They were our neighbors here in the Village, living right next door to us. Jerry had just retired a little less than a year ago and found out he had cancer right after we sold our house and 'hit the road'.

Tomorrow is Market Day again - it is always the first Saturday of the month. The rain should all be gone by tomorrow and there should be a good turn out as long as it is not real cold. Last month there were not many people there and not many vendors, but that was right after Christmas and it was really cold. As I said, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I fixed the boneless pork chops for dinner tonight - actually Dan fixed them on the grill while I fixed a baked potato (which we split) and I had a salad while Dan had asparagus which he heated on the grill with the pork chops. It was really very good. Tomorrow I'll fix the pork shoulder in the crock pot and then Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday) we are going to go over to Jewel's for a Low Country Boil (Yummy!!!)

I don't really have anything else to report tonight so I will let you all go - have a good weekend and --------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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