Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the Road Again!

Well, we got the unit down to the dealership this morning at 8:30. Then we went down to Cracker Barrel to have a little breakfast. It was so cold this morning that we didn't worry about the pups being too hot - we were worried that they might be too cold - so we made sure we parked in the sun and had their blanket and pillow out so they would have a place to get in the sun and stay warm. After breakfast we ran into town and fueled up ($2.72 a gallon instead of $2.96 out by the interstate). Then we went down to Target just to kill some time - we did pick up some bug spray (we were looking for some that is 100% deet for Alaska and they had some) and a table runner for the dining table in the unit. Then we went by Atlanta Bread Company and picked up a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Bread (yummy!). By the time we got back to the dealership they almost had the work done on the unit.

They were suppose to put covers on our two fantastic vents and a cover on the vent in the bathroom as well as replace the shelves in the living room - well, due to the position of the satellite receiver on the roof they could not put a cover over one of the fantastic vents, but that's okay - we just won't be able to use it if it is raining because it will rain into the unit - really not a big deal. Everything else was fixed - I also got the additional shelves for the freezer and I repacked that side of the freezer and what a difference it makes - a good move! The dealership is also ordering a new circuit board for where the room slides are - they work okay with our remote but if you try to use the board on the actual unit it doesn't work. So, they are ordering the circuit board so that will be fixed. They will mail us the board and Dan will be able to install it (not difficult to do). Anyway, everything was done and we were out the door by noon.

Since the unit was finished so early, we decided to go ahead and start out toward Unicoi today - so we left right away and headed north on I-75. We stopped at the Camper's World in Byron, Georgia (just outside of Macon) and we picked up a few things - I got a clothes line, and Dan got his generator (a Honda - those of you who camp understand the importance of a Honda - for those that don't it is SUPER quiet). Dan also got a plug that you can use on two 30 amps plugs and go to a 50 amp - it will be nice in some campgrounds that don't have 50 amp service. We also picked up a new Good Sam Atlas. Then we headed north again.

After we got through Macon we turned onto 129 and still headed north. We traveled up to 441 and then headed toward the big city of Atlanta (don't worry - we will NOT go through Atlanta - we will be going around). We found a pretty nice little private campground near the junction of 441 and I-20. We will be able to make it into Unicoi tomorrow fairly early in the afternoon and get the unit set up. That will be a good thing.

I don't have much else to report tonight - we had a good day on the road. Hope all of you are having a good week - we have heat and a coffee pot for in the morning - all is good in the Mihlfeld unit tonight! Ya'll take care and -----------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow (from Unicoi State Park) !!!!!

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  1. Good luck in your next assignment. I sure hope this crazy weather lets up and you get to enjoy some of the Georgia springtime. I'm freezing up here in Michigan with snow all around. But I know I get to go back to Texas in a few weeks. Of course, it hasn't been too good there either! Travel safely.


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