Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will the Laundry Never Cease????

Laundry, laundry, laundry! It seems like every time I turn around I have more laundry to do - will I ever get caught up???? I even have a load just sitting over in the Laundromat waiting for in the morning because I didn't want to do it tonight. Of course, this is a load of throw rugs - I haven't done rugs since we moved into the new unit - so I do think it was time. Anyway, MAYBE I'll have it all caught up by tomorrow night.

Dan and I also worked on rearranging the basement and getting it all packed up for our trip. Dan has decided not to take his fly tying chest with us on this trip out, so that left a lot of room in the basement. I am still taking my sewing machine, but IF I don't use it this trip out when we get back next winter I will unpack it and put it in storage. We are going to have so much room in the basement I don't know what we are going to put down there. But at least we will have the room if we need it.

Tomorrow, along with trying to get the laundry finished, I am planning on doing a deep cleaning on the unit. It is time for me to do it - you know the mopping of the floors and all that kind of stuff. That should take a whole take a couple of hours IF I take my time. I also want to get the checkbook and the little "black book" caught up. Hopefully I'll be able to transfer some money into savings (keep your fingers crossed!).

Today we also went over to Joyce and Bud's just to check in - Joyce wasn't home but Dan was able to talk to Bud for a little while. Then we went and checked the mail - at least we are getting less and less. Dan wants to reactivate our mail service in Panama City - we never did use it before, but he thinks that we need to start using it before we head out again. Joyce was a good friend and picked up our mail for us while we were in Idaho last summer and then mailed it to us when I called her. However, we don't want to impose on her to do that all the time. We still have an account with the company in Panama City - we just have to reactivate it. Guess I'll need to do that in the next couple of days too.

We fixed a pork loin on the grill tonight of dinner - along with one baked potato (it was large and we split it) and a nice salad. Dan sorta burned the bottom of the pork loin but after we trimmed that part off it was really very good. We have about half of the loin left over so I'll fix something with it tomorrow for lunch. We are really trying to be good and eat at home all the time. We don't know how much weight we gained on the cruise - the bathroom scales we have quit working so now we need to buy a new one. Dan likes to keep track of his weight (which is a good idea for him, I would rather go by the way my clothes fit). Dan does have a doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks - he hopes to have lost any weight he has gained by then - maybe even lose some more than the point he was at before the cruise.

Well, I don't have that much else to report - so, I'll sign off for tonight, and -----------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow


  1. To get caught up on the laundry, you have to go around naked for a couple days. Don't even go there!!!!

  2. Oh - I could soooo go there, but I won't!!!


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