Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just out running around with Dan

Guess what? I still haven't done all the financial stuff that I thought I would get done today. Dan decided this morning that we needed to go to town and pick up some things - and it turned into an all day trip.

First the list - 1.) Bathroom scales, 2.) New garbage can, 3.) throw rug for doorway, 4.toaster, 5.) window scraper, 6.) Round brush, 7.) Hanging Files - you get the idea. We had to take one rug back to Lowe's so we looked for some of the things on our list there - No toaster - no rug - no garbage can - yes window scraper. Oh well, let's try the good ole stand-by - Wal Mart. Toaster - yes, garbage can - no, bathroom scales - yes, round brush - yes, hanging files - no. We did get some things at Wal Mart, but there were still things on our list that we did not get - like the garbage can. Oh well, we'll just have to keep looking for what I want.

After we left Wal Mart Dan was hungry - what else is new. We went all the way back through town to Ken's Bar B Que and had some lunch - then we went over to Peebles to look for some Dearform slippers for me (they didn't have to ones I want - boo!). THEN Dan decided he wanted to go out to Suwannee River State Park and talk to the Volunteer Coordinator - she was not in the office, some where on site - but we couldn't find her. Anyway - we left our name and phone number and told the girl in the office that we would be interested in this time next year (we might even do November and December IF we had the same schedule we had down at Highlands Hammock). We'll just have to wait and see - wouldn't that be a good thing to have a work schedule already set up for a year from now! Yeah - now I'll just have to see if we get a phone call.

By the time we got all that running around done it was 4:00 in the afternoon. We did get home in time to watch the Jay Leno interview on Oprah. You know, I'm not going to take sides because I don't watch late night TV - but I thought that Jay did a good job in this interview. I would have to say that he is right - we, the public, have no idea how TV works and we should not take sides in this. I don't think Conan is and I don't think that Jay is - it is just business. IF anyone is the bad guy it would have to be the network - at least in my opinion, but what do I know.

Dan and I fixed dinner tonight - sirloin steak, baked potato, and another nice salad. GOOD eating! I really don't know what I'm going to do tonight - there is nothing worth watching on TV tonight (once again, just my opinion). Maybe I'll just read.

Tomorrow - once again, I'll try and get the financial stuff done. We are going to dinner at a friend's house tomorrow night and I think Neil and Carol are coming up so we might be going up to Valdosta on Saturday if they do come up. I'll let you know.

I really don't have anything else to report - so ------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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