Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little warmer before more Cold

Today the temperatures were a little warmer - actually got up to about 54 degrees. However, while we are not suppose to be as cold tonight (32 degrees) it is the warm before the cold. The weathermen are saying that the coldest weather is coming starting tomorrow and lasting through the weekend (actually they don't show any 'warm' weather until around Wednesday of next week - YUCK!) We are actually suppose to get some rain tonight and they said we might get a few snow flurries, but I really don't expect that to happen. It has not started to rain yet and the temperature is now 37 degrees at about 11:20 pm. I just don't see it happening.

Dan did not do anything with the water hose tonight - he said that the temperature is not suppose to get low enough to worry about it. However, tomorrow night he is going to take the water hose off the spigot (which has been freezing every night - the spigot, as well as the hose) and drain it and put it in the basement - which is heated. He hopes that will make a difference in the mornings. Right now the hose freezes as well as the spigot and it takes until the afternoon for everything to thaw out. We actually went over to the bathhouse this morning and took our shower (that's not bad, but I would rather use my own shower). Really, the hardest thing is cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast. Plus, I can't use the washer/dryer (is someone against me using my own washer/dryer??). So, I guess I will have to go over and use the laundry mat tomorrow again - but at least I can get things done.

We went to Valdosta today to pick up some things we couldn't get in Live Oak. For example, we bought new running shoes today (I got ACIS and Dan got SCOUANY). Before anyone asks - no, neither one of us run, but they are the best shoes. I keep telling myself I need to start running again, but I just haven't convinced myself to do it - I just keep walking. However, we did want some new shoes before the cruise next week since the good shoes we bought last year before we left on our trip have pretty well been worn out. (We were told that shoes like this will last about six months - I have worn my almost every single day since I got them in May of last year - and in case you are wondering, I had SCOUANY's before). We also went to JC Penny's and bought a couple of pairs of Lee Jeans - we have read and heard a lot about these jeans and I just haven't been able to find any that really fit well - so, I bought a couple of pairs of these and will see how they do. (I did try them on and they felt good on) We also bought the pups some of their dog food - we have to go to a store like Pet Smart to get their food and we don't have a store like that in Live Oak. The last stop was Wal Mart Super Center in Valdosta for a heater - we bought another small electric heater to use in the main living area - and it has sure made a difference tonight - we'll see what kind of difference it makes when it is a little colder.

I need to back track a little - the first stop we made in Valdosta was at the RV dealership - when we picked up our new unit there was a shelf that was broken, but we didn't have time for them to fix it before we had to be in Highlands Hammock - so, we went by to make an appointment to have that fixed. (The dealership is going to have to order the whole panel from the factory). We also want to have vent covers put on the Fantastic Vents and also the vent in the bathroom - so they are going to put those on when we go up in February. I also ordered two shelves for the freezer compartment. We made the appointment in February so when we leave here we will go up to the KOA that the dealership owns for a couple of nights - so we can get everything fixed and then we will head for Unicoi for our next job assignment. It should work out just fine.

We had a very busy day - and we're watching the BCS Bowl Game tonight - I would love to Texas win - we will see how it goes (I'm not against Bama, I would just like to see Texas win.)

Well, I guess I'll go watch the game - stay warm ya'll and --------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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