Friday, January 29, 2010

Lake City

Today Dan and I went over to Lake City. I had a friend who told me that the best nail salon around was at (don't laugh) the Wal Mart in Lake City. Well, my family knows that I have had a bad nail for about three years (I split it when we moved to Dowling Park from Franklin almost three years ago). Anyway, I have tried everything from nail glue, nail hardener, hoof repair stuff, finger guard, keeping it cut off, etc. and nothing has worked. So, I decided that I only had one only choice (other than having the nail removed) and that was to try acrylic nails. So, we went to Lake City, to Wal Mart, to the nail salon and I got acrylic nails. I would have to say the girl was very good - she did not make them too thick so they do look natural - plus we didn't make them long (actually they are a little shorter than I normally wear my nails, but that's okay). She recommended that I keep them on until that whole nail grows out - which will be awhile. Anyway, we will just keep filling in and keep them short and see what happens. I'm sure that other Wal Marts around the country have good nail salons in them and I'll just have to keep trying and see what happens. (It only cost me $20.00 - I didn't think that was a bad price - what do you think Melissa???)

While I was getting my nails done Dan did some shopping in Wal Mart - we actually found a new garbage can for the unit and he picked up a few things for fishing and stuff like that. Then we drove down to Home Depot and looked there but didn't see anything we needed. We also made a quick stop at Office Max and got the hanging files that I was looking for. So, now we have everything we had on our list.

We had dinner at our friend Patty and Dino's house tonight. Joyce and Bud were there also - it was nice having the "group" together again, if it was only for one meal. We had a good time just sitting around and talking after dinner. Patty cooked a wonderful meal and Joyce brought a fabulous dessert. Of course, I didn't take anything (sometimes I feel so inadequate). We did have a great time together and I hope that we will be able to spend some time together before we leave in a couple of weeks. (Yes, hard to believe that we will be leaving in just a couple of weeks!)

I don't have much else to report for tonight - I'll sign off - hope everyone had a good week. Oh, BTW, I got a message from some friends in Franklin and it is snowing HARD there - as of a couple of hours ago they had over 7 inches and it was still coming down. Unbelievable. Hope they all stay indoors and stay safe. Hey Crystal, is it snowing in Atlanta????? You guys take care and ---------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. no snow in atlanta. no ice either. so i guess that means no complaints...

  2. Glad you didn't have any ice, but the snow would have been pretty. Hope your having a great weekend. Love ya!


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