Monday, January 25, 2010

Finishing the Laundry

No, I'm not going to bore you again tonight with stories from our cruise, but I just liked this picture and after a day of rain I thought it would cheer us all up.

Today was a day of trying to get the laundry finished - did two loads of jeans at the laundrymat here in the park and one load of towels in the unit - I still have one more load to do - the sheets on the bed. That was the "big" job for today.

I did fix dinner in the crockpot today - Great Northern Beans with Ham. Then I chopped up an onion for Dan and fixed us some cornbread. Then Dan cleaned up the kitchen for me - even made the coffee - WOW!

I did call down to Lakeland today and make an appointment for the pups to see their Vet - we have to have a letter from their vet which states that they have had their rabies vaccination - listing the manufacture of the medication, has to have the pups picture on it and signed by the Vet. I will take the letter from Canada so their Vet can see what they require. We will take the rest of the stuff that we have here down to the storage unit at the same time that we see the Vet. Spend the weekend down in Lake Placid - coming up to Lakeland to see the girls there one day then back to Melissa's to spend the night. It will probably be the last time we see the girls in Lakeland before our trip to Alaska in May. I am hoping that Melissa will be able to come up to Helen, GA for her grandmother's 80th birthday in April. I really hope she and Justin can work it out so they can be there. We'll talk about that more as the time gets closer.

I really don't have much to talk about tonight - I just went on and on last night so I guess that I will let you off easy tonight. I hope that you all are having a good week at whatever you are doing. Hope you enjoyed the picture above and ------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. We are also glad you are back from your cruise and had a good time.

    When to you come back from Alaska?
    We will be in the Seattle area until the first of October. Maybe we can see ya'll then.

  2. We should be back in the lower 48 by the end of September or the first of October - we are going to try and get a joy in Oregon in October - we'll see how that goes.


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