Sunday, January 10, 2010

First round of the playoffs

Well, we have been watching football for the last two days (we couldn't go outside anyway - it was too cold!) and, so far, all my teams have won. The last game is on right now and my team is ahead with two minutes in the 4th quarter - opps, the opposing team just scored and we are now tied. The only thing I can hope for right now is for Kurt to come through and win this thing - I certainly don't want it to go into overtime. One of the things they need to watch out for is the onside kick - they (meaning Green Bay) has already done that once in this game. I so want the Cardinals to win!

Of course, three of my teams have won their games - well, I can't say "My" teams because some of the teams that I have been cheering for has actually been because of who they were playing (Ravens for example). I am NOT a Ravens fan but I didn't like the team they were playing (Pats - sorry Justin and Melissa) so I'm glad the Ravens won - now I want them to lose next week. Yesterday the Jets won (Yeah!) and the Cowboys won (once again against who they were playing - Eagles anyone with that Michael Vick fellow). Next week the Cowboys can lose - I mean they are playing MY BOY and the Vikings - everyone who knows me will know who I will be cheering for in that game - NO DOUBT! As far the Jets - I don't know who they are playing so I'll have to wait and see who I will be cheering for. I'm just hoping the Cardinals will pull this one out. Well, we have 14 seconds and the field goal unit just came on the field. Oh Sh**!!!!! Now we head to overtime - darn it!

Today we have spent indoors (watching football duh!). We have both been reading also. In fact, Dan has read both the books he got for Christmas. We will need to go back into town somewhere (I hope not back to Valdosta) to get him the next ones in the series that he can take with him on the cruise. I'll give Neil a call tomorrow and see if there is a bookstore down in Crystal River.

Speaking of Crystal River, I have a hair appointment on Friday at 1:30 to get my hair cut. Yeah! I already know how I want to get it cut - I just hope the girl I have an appointment with knows what she is doing. Dan will do his thing this week and we will pull the suitcases out of the basement in the next day or so and get things packed (I don't like to wait till the last minute). This time next week we will be sailing in the Caribbean and hopefully be a whole lot warmer! I told Dan yesterday that we have to have warmer weather so I can try on my Capri's to see which ones I can still wear (It's been two years since I have worn them so I'm not sure - plus I'm not sure what they look like any more!) We will see - one of the things that I know I have to buy this week (Friday down in Crystal River) is a "fancy" shirt for the formal night. I have more than one down in Lake Placid in the storage unit - but I didn't think about it when we were down there. Oh well, I'll find something.


Well, I guess I have bored you all for long enough tonight - take care all of you that have to go back to work tomorrow. Crystal and Kim - PLEASE drive carefully - I know the roads up there are rough - just be careful! Dana - take a deep breath and you'll do GREAT! They wouldn't have hired you if they didn't think you could do the job - and we all KNOW that you can do the job! Melissa hope you are feeling better! Everyone else - take care and ----------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. Ted would love someone like you with your football enthusiasm to watch the games with. I'm a poor companion during those times. I understand the game; I'm just not interested enough to care. Glad all your teams are winning. We've lived so many places that a lot of times we can't lose no matter who is playing whom!


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