Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Done!!!!!

Wonders of wonders - I finished the laundry today! (And I didn't have to resort to any strange things to do it either!) I also spent a lot of time today getting the unit clean - I mean deep clean. I decided that if I was going to do this today I needed to do a bit of "Spring Cleaning" - I know a lot of people don't thing about doing Spring Cleaning on a RV but this is our home and so it needed to be done. I know that we haven't been in the unit too long - just about four months, but it still needed to be done.

I also went through all the financial records today - pulled out all our records from last year and put in some storage files to go in the storage unit - unless we find out from the tax guy on the 9th that I don't need to keep all this stuff. So now all my files are straighten out and ready for the new year. I went through all the mail (the stuff that you just stick in a drawer when it comes with the belief that you will go through it all. Well, today I did. I have a couple of surveys to fill out and mail -one for the hospital in Sebring (think that will be a favorable one - not!!!) and the other one is for the Montana. I'll fill those out tomorrow. We are also going to call Good Sam to get an insurance quote on the unit and the truck. Supposedly we can save some money - it never hurts to call and see.

I did not get the checkbook balanced, but that is on the list to do for tomorrow. Since I don't have to worry about doing anything around the house I'll have all day to work on the financial end of this operation. I'll also call the mail service people tomorrow and get that set up again, that way we'll have about a month before we leave for Georgia, so if we have any problems we can get them straightened out before we leave.

Tonight for dinner we had Mexican food - beef and bean burritos with Spanish rice. Tomorrow we will have a steak - actually we were suppose to have it tonight, but it didn't get thawed out today - soooo, we 'll have it tomorrow night. Plus Dan will fix it on the grill. Ummmm!

Well, I don't have anything else to report today, so I'll sign off for tonight. Melissa, you are on the downhill slide for the week - just a couple more days. You can do it!!!!! Take it easy everyone and ---

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!

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