Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another day of Football!

Dan and I were very lazy today - stayed inside and watched football. There was a very good reason for staying inside - it was COLD outside - the low last night was about 30 degrees and the high today only got up to about 43 degrees. The low tonight is suppose to be in the low to mid 20's. I don't care who you are - that's COLD! I know I said I wanted it to be colder, but I didn't mean this cold. Of course, I shouldn't complain - I know that there are some people who have temperatures in the negative numbers. However, this is Florida folks and it's not suppose to be this cold! I guess the bad thing is - it's suppose to be this cold all week. Uck!

Speaking of football - we weren't able to get any good games - Miami - Steelers and then Dallas - Eagles. I would rather have seen the Viking game (go Brett!) but that is not a regional game for us. Oh well, at least Brett had another good game and will be in the playoffs. In fact, I think they are off next week - which will give them time to rest and get some practice in. Brett once again is setting records and I, for one, am hoping that he makes it to the Super Bowl. (Okay, Crystal, it's my dream - don't stomp on it please!) Speaking of cold - I'm glad that I was not at the Colt game - now that was COLD!

Tomorrow we have some running around we need to do - I need to take some paperwork to the clinic here and then Dan wants to run into town - we have to go to the tag office and get the tag for the truck; run by the post office and mail some stuff back to Highlands Hammock that we ended up bringing with us instead of leaving (like Dan's keys and my uniform shirt - plus I want to send them a note thanking them for all the help they provided when I was trying to get everything ready to come "home"); then we have some things we need to pick up at the grocery store (but we actually have a list this time!). I think it will do Dan good to get out and do some running around - he needs to get out and stop just sitting around. He will never get his strength back if he doesn't get up and get moving.

Oh, did I tell you that I ordered a cover for my Nook? I went on line Friday (I think) and found a nice cover on the Nook website and Dan told me to order it - it was only $20.00 and the shipping was free - I should get it in about two weeks (it should be here by the time we get back from our cruise - I just wish I would get it before we leave so I can take the Nook with me - if I don't get the cover I won't take it - I don't want to take the chance of getting it messed up.)

I really don't have much else to report tonight - we are still eating at home and watching what we eat. Today for lunch I fixed some soup and a grilled cheese sandwich (our only dairy today) and then for dinner I fixed spaghetti (made with ground turkey). Breakfast consisted of an English muffin. I think we are doing okay with our diet - but, just between you and me, I'll be glad when we don't have to be so restrictive, but until we are told different we will stick with the low fat diet.

Well, I hope you all stay warm and all our teacher friends have a good day back at work. Everyone else who must return to work tomorrow - have a good day! For those of us who are retired - just do whatever makes you happy!

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Glad you found a nice cover and that's a great price! I'm with you on hoping Brett goes all the way to the SuperBowl... gooooo Vikings! The Miami game was pretty good actually. The Dallas/Eagles game was much like the Jets/Bengals :| didn't miss anything.

  2. Soo true Kim - and I have to admit I did enjoy the Miami game. Still haven't heard anything about the quarterback they carted off the field - have you????

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