Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold Cold Cold

Okay - this is ridiculous! It is COLD!!!! The temperature right now is 32 degrees and it's going lower - the weather forecast is for it to be 19 tonight with a high of 40 tomorrow and 19 again tomorrow night! It is so cold that Dan went out and disconnected the water from the unit. It is not that we are worried about water freezing once it is in the unit - it won't we are completely insulated including the basement, but the water hose coming from the ground to the unit is not insulated. The last few days we have had a little problem first thing in the morning with the water being a little slow, but we turn it on and within a minute the water is fine. However, Dan didn't want to take a chance tonight since the temperature is suppose to go so low for such a long period of time. With weather like this I will be really be looking forward to the cruise.

Speaking of which - our puppy sitter is coming over tomorrow to have a look at the unit. Every other time we have been on the cruise and she has taken care of the pups we have been in the house (she stays at the house and takes care of the pups for us). This will be the first time we have someone stay in the unit. However, that is the only way that Dan will do a cruise - someone has to stay with the pups - they do NOT stay in a kennel. They have never been kenneled and they never will be. They have stayed with my mom, with our cousin, and with the pet sitter - that's it! I know that they are spoiled, but that is okay! They are our pups and we will spoil them the way we want to spoil them.

We went over to a friends house for dinner tonight - chicken pot pie, black eye peas, greens, cinnamon apples, and home made cinnamon buns for dessert - Yummy!!!!! Then we just spent a little while catching up. It is so nice to be home and be able to spend time with friends that you have missed for the last six months. I guess that is the one bad part of this whole lifestyle - you do miss your friends and family.

We went into town today and picked up a few things at the grocery store - we also were going to get the tag for the truck, but the line at the tag agency was forever long, so I renewed it online when we came home. We also did some checking on different insurance companies - Allstate, Auto Owner's, Foremost. So far, State Farm is still the cheapest (believe it or not!). We will keep checking - Sam's Club, AARP, etc. We still want to make sure we have the best insurance at the best price we can find.

Well, once again I have bored you guys enough for one night - so I'll sign off for tonight. Soooo,

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. kim's policy is with nationwide. you could always check them out too.

  2. Nationwide offered half of what all the other companies did, so it might be worth a check.

  3. Thanks, we'll check them out!


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