Saturday, January 2, 2010

A day of Relaxation

Today we just took it easy and didn't try and do too much of anything. We got up this morning, drank a couple of cups of coffee, took our showers, got ready, then meet one of my Facebook/Farmville friends at Denny's for breakfast. They were on their way back home in Texas after spending Christmas with family in Disney. We had originally planned on their staying here in the Village tonight but when Dan got sick we just didn't know if he would be up to it. So, we just decided to meet for breakfast and then they wanted to be at their sister-in-laws house in Sliddel, LA tonight. We'll certainly stay in touch and I'm sure we will meet on the road somewhere.

After we got home we went by the Village Grocer and picked up some bar-b-que sauce. I wanted to make some bbq pork sandwiches with the left over pork roast (which we had for lunch). Today was "Market Day" in the Village, but there didn't seem to be that many vendors here. I don't know if that was because of the weather (it was really cold this morning - around 30 degrees) or because of the holidays but there was not much happening. We made the rounds then came back to the "house" for a lazy afternoon.

We watched some football - not any really good games on, but football is football - so we watched some. Dan kept flipping back and forth from one game to the next. It just didn't seem like any of the teams were that into their games. Anyway, I was very excited by the score of the game last night - I was happy for Tim and for him to end his college career on such a high note. I would have rather have seen him in the National Championship game, but as I have said that was not to be - but at least he went out a winner.

I also went on line today and filled out all the preboarding paperwork that had to be done before our cruise in a couple of weeks. After I did that and printed out our boarding passes I looked at the excursions. The only one I saw that might interest us was the whale watching excursion, but that was in the Dominican Republic. Last year, when we went on our cruise, we did a whale watching excursion out of a different port in the Dominican Republic and it was on very small boats and the water was rough. Many people got seasick - you know, it is not fun to be on a small boat with everyone around you sick. So we decided that we would just look for whales while we were on the big ship. If we don't see any - it was not meant for us to see any. We'll just take this time to relax and enjoy being with our friends.

Now, I have one little grip extended to my daughter - I was looking at her old blog "I know this much is true" and the last entry promised that she would finish her 52 things in one year. Guess what - it still isn't finished. My question is - are you going to finish it????? Also, I have now become a follower of Kim's blog - but she hasn't posted in awhile either - are they both just something that is not to be worried about anymore. I know that you both are busy - and if so, that's okay - just let me and your other followers know so we don't keep looking.

Okay, now I'm done with that and I'm done boring all you with nothing but jibberish. So ------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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