Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Starting to Pack

I started to pack for the cruise today. Boy, do I need some new clothes! I didn't realize what a small supply of clothes I had until I started trying to put together outfits for this trip. I have two pairs of jean Capri's that I can wear. I have some knit shirts, but they sure do show the wear - and shoes - are you kidding????? I have my ACIS that I just bought and I think I can find one pair of black pumps for dinner - I also think I can find my Croc sandals. Hopefully that will be all I need. I just don't know what I'm going to do about everyday clothes - I don't want to take a suitcase full of regular jeans - guess I really don't have a choice. It will all work out in the end - and I won't see any of these people again anyway - so I'm not going to worry about it.

I got the laundry done today - but I had to have a load in the dryer through three times - they just didn't want to get dry - of course it was the heavy knits - you know, sweatshirts and sweatpants that we have worn with the weather being so cold. Anyway, it's done now and I don't have to worry about it any more.

We went into Wal Mart late this afternoon. Once again, the good ole Polk County School Board did it to us again. I think I told you about the new insurance - well, guess what. We haven't gotten any new insurance cards including our new prescription cards. So, I had to call them today and they had the insurance all messed up. Anyway, I actually talked to someone who knew something and she did call Medco (the prescription company) and they are sending us our new cards. In the meantime, they gave me the group name and member number and I was able to go online and print out a temporary card so I could go get my Imitrex prescription refilled. Then, when we got to Wal Mart, to pick it up the girl there said that the insurance company wouldn't pay for it because the dosage was too high. She said that she would fax my doctor and have him approve it and then the insurance company would pay - so, I figured that was as good as it was going to get. We left the counter and was looking at some other things when I was paged back to the pharmacy. The girl at the pharmacy (who, by the way, was really nice) had talked to the technician and they had come over to the computer and put some different codes in and, wonder of wonders, it was approved. So I did get my Imitrex tonight (Yeah!). Hopefully, things will get better with this new insurance. Heaven only knows what will come of the hospital stay. Not going to worry about that now.

We went out to dinner at the Dixie Grill after we left Wal Mart - I had the Hamburger Steak with green beans and salad (no bread), Dan had a grilled Chicken Breast with green beans, salad bar and bread. Then we both brought home about half of our meat. Of course, Dan fed about 1/3 of his left over half to the dogs and he ate the rest as soon as we got home. Oh well, at least he tried. I really do think that we are doing pretty good on his diet (I guess I'm on it too - it makes it easier to cook). The biggest test will be the cruise. We both will really have to watch it - but they always have healthy choices - we just have to make them. Maybe with both of us trying we can keep each other on track.

Tomorrow night will be my last post until we get back. We will be leaving here Friday morning - I have a hair cut appointment at 2:30 down in Crystal River and we need to get down there in time for that - plus I want to look around a little and see if there is anything there that will catch my eye. So, Dan wants to leave here no later than 10:30. We will have to pack all the girls stuff too, since they are going to stay at Neil's with his sister, but that really won't take long.

Well, I'll sign off for tonight - you guys take care and --------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. have fun momma! take some pictures to post on the blog when you get back.

  2. be safe, have fun and enjoy the warmth!

  3. Thanks Girls - I'll take lots of pictures and I'll do my best to stay warm! Talk to you when we get home!


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