Saturday, September 4, 2010

One week down!

Sorry I haven't been posting every night - I'm been trying to play catch-up at work. I have been staying just one day ahead of the kids, but hopefully I'll get ahead this weekend. I am taking today and tomorrow off, but will go up to school on Monday to try and get my room some what arranged and decorated. Well, I said that I am taking today off, I will probably work on lesson plans today some - and maybe grade some papers - all my kids took a test yesterday - I have all of my 1st/2nd period graded and most of my 4th/5th period done. I just need to finish them and grade 6th/7th. I also need to create a new quiz for my two math classes because some didn't score above 70%. Our school has a policy that if the kids don't score at least a 70, they have to do enrichment work and retake the quiz. We will see how that works out.

I'm hoping to stay caught up once I get a handle on things. Dan and I are still trying to get the house straightened out - and get the 5th wheel empty. Plus, the guys are here working outside - we almost have all the trees down - the roof is cleaned off and the all the gutters are cleaned out. Next week they should finish with the trees and get all the overgrown scrubs from around the house. THEN we will work on getting the pool enclosure rescreened. It is just trying to get things done a little at a time. (I am not the most patient of people, so this is really bothering me, but I can only do so much - and all my time lately has just been on trying to figure out what I am doing at school!)

We have actually been in the house one whole week last night! It has been a quick week - so much going on! Now, if only the rest of the school year will pass that quickly! LOL! We are trying to figure out how we can get our stuff down and what we are going to do with the 5th wheel - we are serious that if any of you know someone that wants a really good deal on a GREAT unit have them contact us. Dan is talking about putting it on a lot here in Lake Placid that is a consignment lot - we will see how that works out. (He has already been boat shopping, but he can't get a boat until we sell the 5th wheel - only one toy at a time! Have to keep him motivated! We'll have to wait and see how that works out.)

We did get our DirecTV hooked up this past Wednesday. Plus, our friend - Neil - brought us a load of stuff that we had left at his house so we actually have a tv where we can watch football - have a college game on now, and I was able to watch the first half of the South Carolina/Ole Miss game the other night. Okay, the TV is not very big - it's the one that we used to have in the office/3rd bedroom in Dowling Park, but it is a tv and that's more than we had a week ago. The most important thing is I have TV to watch now - and the regular Pro football season hasn't even started yet - but it is just around the corner - YAHOO!

Well, I'm going to sign off for today - I will try and do better next week. Think I might go out and get in the pool and cool off some. You guys take care and have a great Labor Day week end - BTW, my youngest daughter's birthday is Monday - Happy Birthday Melissa!!! Love ya!

Take care and I'll talk to you soon!

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