Monday, August 30, 2010

Starting to Work

Well, this weekend was spent trying to get things out of the 5th wheel and find a place for them in the house. This is somewhat difficult since we don't have any furniture yet - so, we don't have anyplace to put things. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday cleaning just so we could stay in the house. Dan and I cleaned the refrigerator before we could go over and get the stuff out of the refrigerator in the unit and then I cleaned the master bathroom so we can use it. Then I vacuumed, sprayed for little spiders and vacuumed all of the dead ones up (remember the house has been empty for over two years). Did a little mopping, but I didn't do any deep cleaning because we had already arranged for a housekeeper to come in today and clean. She got all the kitchen cabinets cleaned and ready for me to put the dishes away - I had already run the dishwasher with all the dishes in it - now, I have to do all the pots and pans. Things are coming along.

Today, I went to the county office and filled out all the paperwork that I needed to - had my fingerprints done, and my drug test done. I thought I would start on Wednesday - September 1st - that was when they said in the county office, but the school called late this afternoon and I start in the morning! YIKES!!! Not sure I'm ready, but I guess I just do what needs to be done. It's all good.

We thought the tree man was coming today to start working on taking down all the palm trees in the front yard, but he won't be here until Wednesday. We also called and the Direct TV will be installed on Wednesday morning also. YAHOO! We will have TV in time for weekend football - and before you ask - yes, we have a TV. Thanks to our friend Neil - he drove down today and brought us some of the stuff that we had left with him in Dowling Park when we sold our house there and one of the things he brought was a small TV. Hey, it might be small, but it's a TV!

Dan and I went back up to Sebring today and bought a few things for the house - like a new garbage disposer and a new door lock for the front door. We also picked up a few things at Wal Mart and I also got an office chair so I'm not sitting on my knees trying to type on the computer! Things are looking up!

Well, I need to run and go finish fixing dinner. I'll try and post more frequently, but until things get settled I can't guarantee anything. In the meantime - I hope your week is going well, and---

I'll talk to you soon!!!

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  1. Yes - can not wait to hear about your first day at school. Hope it has been great. Glad to know the TV was in time for football. I noticed that out of the 12 channels we have at Dowling Park - three of the channels had football games. Look forward to future news.


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