Saturday, August 14, 2010

Campground full again - are you kidding me??

Okay - our last weekend in Juneau and at the campground and what happens? Absolutely beautiful weather which means that all the locals have come out to camp - so for two days in a row now the campground has been full! Who would have believed it - it has been raining for six weeks straight and the last two days have been crystal blue skies and warm (for Juneau, anyway) temperatures. Dan took this picture of the camper this morning as the sun was coming up - which reminds me - I haven't told you that we actually have a night time now. It actually gets dark around 10:30 until about 6 am - that was pretty amazing to me. When I left to go to Florida we only had about 2 to 3 hours of semi-darkness - when I flew in last Saturday night at 10:40 it was DARK! Oh what a difference a month makes - can't imagine what it will be like a month of now (but we won't see it).

We started packing today - getting ready for Tuesday. We actually had someone in the campground ask about the hosting position (which is posted on the kiosk's around the park). Dan told him what the duties entailed and he said that he was interested and would come up and get the number for Marc and call him on Monday - it would be good if that could happen - Dan could train him on Monday and then just follow him around on Tuesday morning to make sure he knows what he is doing and then we could be ready to leave early - we have to be at the ferry terminal at 1:00 - the ferry doesn't leave until 3 - and we won't get into Skagway until 7:30. We will spend the night in Skagway and then hit the road first thing Wednesday morning - Dan wants to be on the road by 7 am and drive until at least 7 pm. We'll see how that works for us. We are hoping to be out of Canada and into Montana by next Saturday afternoon/evening. Only time will tell.

Oh, by the way, if any of you know of someone who would like a great 5th wheel that is less than a year old - in great shape and at a reasonable price tell them about us. We will be looking to sell the unit after we get back to Florida - probably around the 30th of August. The unit is great - we just won't need it anymore with our "new" lifestyle. Dan says that he would like to sell the unit and the large 350 and get a 150 and maybe a pull-along trailer or expandable. We still want to be able to travel, but it will only be for 2 to 4 weeks at a time in the summer - and that probably won't happen the first year anyway. Sooooo, to make a long story short - we need to sell the big unit. Seriously - let us know and people know. If we can sell it directly, instead of having to go to a dealer, then we can sell it cheaper.

Today was one of those days where you are taking stock of what you have, what you need to do, and what you need to buy at the grocery store. I did another load of laundry - so that is all caught up again. I'll do another load tomorrow - towels - then do the final load of clothes on Monday afternoon after we take our showers and get cleaned up. Tomorrow I'm going to make some egg salad, chicken salad, and pasta salad - that should give us a good variety for sandwiches for the road. We are trying to clean out everything we can out of the refrigerator as far as left-overs go - the only thing in there now is the barbecue beef that I fixed today for dinner (I cooked a beef roast in the crock pot and then shredded it and added sauce - it was pretty good). Dan started going through the stuff in the basement and seeing what we can get rid of and what we need to keep - and how to repack it so we have a little more room. We do have to make room for my bike and we have a few things that we have bought here that we need to keep, but I think we are going to get rid of some things. I'm sure that we will get all that packed up tomorrow - including taking the "garage" down. I don't want to wait until the last minute to do things - especially if we don't have someone to train on Monday. That will mean we will have a lot of cleaning in the restrooms to do with the park being full for two days.

Okay - enough already - I have probably bored you guys silly, so I will close for now. I wanted to let you know that I was able to download a couple of pictures for you tonight - only took me two hours plus. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them.

This was on the lake this morning at sunrise. I thought it turned out pretty good - hope you like it too.

Take care and I'll talk to you tomorrow!!

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