Monday, November 22, 2010

Some "After's"

Okay, I promised "after" pictures today and I am delivering. I figure you can make out what these are pictures of - especially after seeing the "before" pictures yesterday.
One of the things that I am sure you will notice is we still need to have sod put in the yard - but that will be another paycheck and after Christmas - some things must come first!

But I hope you can see how much better the front yard looks. I just wish you could see what the "before-before" looked like - I'm still working on getting those pictures from Melissa. I will say that the big areas where there is no grass was where we took the palm trees out and that does make a difference.
Now, let's move on into the bedroom ---------------

The mirror blinds are GONE!! This is the same shot as one that is in the before - maybe I should have put them side by side so you could really see. Anyway, I don't know if you can tell but the walls are a nice shade of green - and we have gone "tropical" -

We will still make some changes, but the basics of the room are there. Of course, when we start the remodeling some of this room will change, but at least I have some color on the walls and I can live with some changes.
Well, I hope that you enjoy the after pictures - and If I don't get back on line before I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving - we are having 18 to the house for dinner - should be a fun and exciting day. Whatever you have planned at your house - whether you are having people in or if you are going out - or even if you are having a nice quiet day at home - may it be the best ever and remember to be thankful for all we all have!
Take care and I'll talk to you soon!!!


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