Friday, August 13, 2010

Catching up on some pictures promised

Hello, everyone! The last couple of days has really been hectic! I've been trying to get the laundry caught up, all the paperwork that needs to be filled out before we leave, helping Dan with the rounds, and trying to fill out a job application for Lake Placid. I think I have just about gotten everything done. I've talked to Highlands County School Board and have the application completed. I have also email the Assistant Principal and attached a resume. (I don't know if I should also email the Principal or not). Anyway, I have explained the situation and told her when we are leaving Alaska - my daughter, Melissa who also teaches at this school, has already talked to her. So, we will see what happens. If nothing else, maybe I can do some long term substitute teaching - we know that there will be at least one maternity leave after Christmas break to Spring Break - that might just be what will work out for this year and maybe have a full time position for next school year. We will just have to wait and see what plays out and what the good Lord has in store for me.

I have also talked to the Real Estate agent today - trying to set up some things for Mom to look at before we get back. I want her just to look at a few things and get a general idea of what she can afford. I really would prefer she not commit to anything until we get back, but who knows what she might do. Anyway, we will see what happens.

I told you about seeing the bear over at Steep Creek, at least, I think I did. Anyway, in case I didn't - close to the Visitor's Center there is an area where the salmon are running and it is a big bear viewing area. Dan took me over there on Sunday to see and there were two bears up in this tree fussing at each other. One of them finally fell out of the tree and went off into the woods, but this one stayed in the tree the whole time we were there - about 1/2 an hour. We went over again yesterday to see if I could be any better pictures with the long range lens on my camera, but they weren't out and the rangers have blocked off part of the trail due to their activity. We will try again before we leave.

I also told you about the salmon run - well, this is a picture of just some of the salmon in the creeks - I probably could have downloaded a better picture, but I did the downloading while we were sitting at McDonald's this morning after working on my application and emails. I can't download pictures from the campground - the Internet reception is just not good enough - so I do the downloading there and then come home and post. When we get where I actually have good service I'll try and post some better pictures.
That is something that I will not miss when we leave here - the spotty Internet service and phone service - I just got notification on my phone that I had missed a call and the phone never rang. Such is the life in the park.
Well, I don't have much else to report right now - I will continue to work on getting things ready to go - we did go over to another park and see the people that we met on the Alaska Highway coming out and we have been out to eat with once here (Karen and John) and let them know that we were leaving. We also were looking for a guy that Dan had talked to that he thought might be interested in the Camp host position, but he has already gotten a job somewhere else. I really don't know what they will do with this, but it won't be our worry after Tuesday.
I'm going to sign off for today - hope you guys are having a good week and --------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. If a bear chases me, I now know not to climb a tree! The salmon picture reminded me of the trout you see in Big Springs in Idaho right outside Johnny Sack's cabin. Memories. Good luck with the teaching job. I know you are a great teacher with your patience and creativity.

  2. Thanks Donna - Like I said I didn't post a good picture of the salmon - there are so many they are actually swimming on top of each other - it is amazing - many more than the trout at Johnny Sack's - I'll try and post a better picture!


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