Sunday, November 21, 2010

The "Before" Pictures

Okay everyone - I promised that I would have some before pictures for you this week - and I do. The first three of the yard were taken last Monday - Dan took them for me because I had to go to work. This shot actually shows the new gate that Dan installed. We had the sidewalk to the garage door, but the fence on this side of the house did not have a gate - go figure. So, Dan installed the gate. Makes much more sense now. This shot is the front of the house (duh!). I wish I had the before -before pictues that showed all the palm trees. I am still waiting to get those from Melissa's computer - IF I ever get them I will post some of those - then you will really see a difference. Anyway, this shows the new screen door that we added on the front so now we can open the front door and get a nice breeze through the house and not have to run the air conditioning all the time.
The final shot of the outside is the front/side shot. As you can certainly tell the yard needed lots of help! Well, I don't have the "after" shots today - I will take the pictures tomorrow and post them tomorrow night. I'll explain why a little later.

Now, we move into the bedroom. These are the "before" pictures of the master bedroom - remember the "mirror" blinds I was telling you about - well, here they are. I really wanted you to see that I was not kidding!
This is another shot of the bedroom - I don't know if you can tell from these pictures or not, but this is a very large room. Probably, one of the largest in the whole house. This shot was taken from the entrance into the master bath.

Now, the reason I don't have the after pictures on here tonight is - Dan and I have worked almost all day today painting and redoing the bedroom. I will take pictures of both the landscaping and the bedroom and post them tomorrow - I think that you will be surprised in the difference on both.
Well, I am not going to stay on the blog long tonight - I am really tired - but I wanted to make sure to post today - since I promised that I would. I will be spending the next few days getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. Hopefully, I'll have pictures to share from that as well.
You guys take care and I'll talk to you tomorrow (it's been awhile since I was able to say that)!

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  1. There's nothing like having the kids to Grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner. We're expecting ours and others for a total of 15. I can't wait. Happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to the after pictures. Wacky mirror blinds!!


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