Friday, October 23, 2009

Trip on the river

Okay - I thought that we would be sticking close to home today - guess that's what I get for thinking!

Actually we did stick pretty close to home this morning - Dan got the shelves put up in the pantry and over the washer/dryer - then I put all the stuff away - you know arrange the pantry the way I wanted it and put the baskets of cleaning stuff (both clothes and 'house') up over the washer/dryer. I also made the chicken and yellow rice (finally!!) and I balanced the checkbook and paid a couple of bills. I also worked on getting the 'black book' caught up.

We had gotten an email from the volunteer coordinator in Highland Hammock a few days ago and I filled out the paperwork she had sent and got that off in the mail too. We went to the post office and picked up the mail that had been held while Bud and Joyce were in Canada (Joyce is my "mail lady") and also went over to the Village Grocer and bought a beef roast that I will fix in the crock pot one day (Dan loves pot roast!) some bacon, and a sirloin steak that we will fix on the grill. Saw a friend at the grocery store and talked to her for a couple of minutes. We also went over to the local bank and closed out our old account - so we got a little cash out of it. It was a very busy morning! Oh! I also fixed some more chicken salad for sandwiches.

Then the day fell apart - Dan had borrowed some bolt cutters from Bud so he could cut the wire shelving that he used to put the 'extra' shelves in the pantry - and this afternoon he wanted me to go with him to return them. So, we set off in the golf cart (which we have borrowed from our friends Carol and Neil) to go to Joyce and Bud's house. We see them on the road in their golf cart - they were on the way to the pontoon boat because they had a boat trip this afternoon - and they asked us to go with them. Well, of course Dan wanted to go out on the boat - so we ran to their house to drop off the bolt cutters and then we headed for the boat dock for the pontoon ride. Well, about two hours later we are back at Bud and Joyce's house. We get back to the house around 5:45 and Bud and Joyce come for dinner at 6:00 (Yeah, for the chicken and yellow rice!!!!!) I also fixed a tossed salad and some yellow squash - we even had some Coconut cake for dessert (Joyce brought some of the pickles that Dan loves!). After dinner we sat and talked for a few minutes and then I cleaned up the kitchen.

We have had a pretty busy day today - and I don't know what tomorrow will hold. I know that I said that Carol and Neil were suppose to come up here this weekend, but things haven't worked out - so they are might be coming up sometime the first part of the week. We'll just have to wait and see how things out. Until then I'm sure that Dan will figure out something for us to do - he always does.

I really don't have much else to report - so I think I'll sign off for tonight - I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. I hope your friends don't think that they made your day fall apart by inviting ya'll out on the boat. That part actually sounded fun. Still no time to take pictures huh? I guess we'll see it next week.

  2. I'll work on taking pictures today and post them tonight - at least that's the plan!


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