Monday, October 5, 2009

Day two in Pennsylvania

Hello everyone - I promised pictures of the place we were staying so here they are - this is the road into the property. As you can see, it's not that much of a road. Now you can understand why we were glad that Dave met us and showed us the way in.
Dan has had a fire going almost the entire time we have been here - it has been cold and damp all day - we have had the small electric heater on in the main part of the 5th wheel all day.
This is one of the trees that is showing it's color - not all the trees have turned yet, but it is only the first week in October. I have been somewhat surprised at the amount of color that is in the trees this early. Maybe tomorrow we will go out for a ride and I'll take some more pictures to show you.

This is behind the 5th wheel - as you can tell it is just a nice wooded area. It is really pretty - sorta park like, but because of all the trees we can't get any TV reception - which means NO FOOTBALL!!! And tonight is a big game - Minnesota vs the Packers. All I can do is hope that Brett does a good job and Aaron Rogers doesn't. We'll have to wait and see what happens.
Oh - I did do the books today and we did HORRIBLE!!!!! Of course, buying the motorcycles didn't help any and we are on the road again - we have also discovered that when we are with family we eat out more which means we spend more money. Dan and I also bought some clothes - mine for the trip to Atlanta and Dan because he needed some new shirts - but they are all short sleeve knit shirts and I don't know when he will wear them. Anyway, we did not do well at all - so we need to get back on the budget this month even though we are on the road. Even without the purchase of the motorcycles we were off budget. Oh well, we will just have to do better this month.
Today, I have spent a lot of time on line playing "Farmville" on Face Book. If you haven't played it don't!!!!! It's very habit forming! I'll also need to check on my usage on the air card. I haven't look at it all day. I don't know how much air time I'm using. That may limit my time on Farmville.
Well, I don't have much else to report - hope you enjoy the pictures and continue to send comments. BTW - a belated Birthday wish to Carol J. Hope you had a good day.

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  1. I love the woodsy parts of pennsylvania, where are ya'll in relation to I81 that goes into Maryland? John's family lives in a small town called Greencastle which is right off 81 about 5 miles north of the border. Really really pretty with lots of Menoite bit so many Amish. I got good news at work this morning, Lake Region is including me in the bonus money they received for grade improvement last year. I was notified that I would be getting $1025 in the next few weeks. Really excited about that. Well, I'll talk to ya'll later. Love ya, Cara


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