Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nothing new

Well, today was another do nothing day - although the weather was nice - we did go into town and visit with Don's parents for a couple of hours. We did enjoy meeting them and talking with them - they are certainly very nice people.
After we left their home we went into Jersey Shore to the grocery store - yes, we had to go to the store again - Dan used all the eggs and bread - we sure do not seem to be doing a very good job of planning our trips to the grocery store. I think we are all set now and won't need to go back to the store tomorrow. Actually we are going to eat leftovers for supper tomorrow - we still have soup in the fridge as well as leftovers from last night and tonight - so tomorrow we clean the refrigerator.
We have changed our plans a little - at first we had planned on staying here through Saturday and then heading up to Buffalo and Niagara Falls Sunday, however; since we don't have television reception and we both want to watch the college games on Saturday we are going to go half way to Buffalo Saturday morning. Actually Dan says that it is only about four hours up to Buffalo from here - so if we drive about two hours we should be able to reach the campground that I made reservations at for Saturday evening - we will be in Bath, New York. I will actually be able to do laundry there (Yahoo!!!!) Who would have ever believed that I would get really excited about doing laundry - but when you don't have a washer/dryer in your unit and you haven't done laundry since before you went to Atlanta the idea of doing laundry on Saturday is VERY EXCITING!!!!!
Tomorrow we will get things packed up around here - Dan says he has lots of firewood to burn (you can't take firewood with you into parks anymore - they are afraid of bug infestation in the trees) I'll just work on the farm (for those of you that do Farmville you will understand).
Well, that's all I have to report tonight - I hope everyone had a good day and I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. Just caught up on about a week's worth of your blog. What beautiful scenery! And cool!!! I've been weeding outside this week and it has been in the upper 80's to low 90's...HOT!!! keeping in touch via facebook and farmville!!! Ya'll have a great weekend... :-) Ruth Anne

  2. Will try once again to get this comment thing to go through. We've been gone in our RV since the first of Sept. Are in Bar Harbor, ME, now. Have been in Stowe, VT, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and NYCity for 5 days(what an experience THAT was driving in and out). We envy you--especially your time near Yellowstone. I look forward to your blog every day so keep it up! Safe travels. Linda and Darrell

  3. Hey Linda - It is so good to hear from you guys - too bad we didn't know that you were going to be in Niagara - it would have been great to see you guys - Maybe when we get to Florida. Take care and safe travels to you also. BTW thanks for reading the blog!


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